5 Benefits of Holidaying at Home for Families


A beach holiday as a family with children can be a whole lot of fun and an amazing experience, however it is also a recipe for a lot of stress and worry. The perfect way to enjoy a holiday with your family, with minimal fuss, is to holiday at home. Whether you literally stay at home and spend the days visiting various activities, or just stay in a hotel close to your home, here are five benefits to holidaying at home for families.

No missing flights!

25% of travellers admit to missing a flight and when you have children, you’ll know that risk is pretty high — after all, we’ve all seen Home Alone! If you don’t have to fly, you don’t have the extra stresses of remembering passports, getting to the airport in plenty of time and keeping children occupied on the plane. That sounds like a pretty great start to a holiday, right?


When you are on an expensive, extravagant vacation, you can often feel the pressure to make the most of every second. This can leave everyone, especially children, feeling particularly frazzled and make for a stressful time. With a holiday at home you have less pressure and can change your plans to suit the mood of your family at the time, which will be a lot more enjoyable for everyone.



Save money

The money you save from plane tickets, or extra gas can be utilised on other things. For example, if you have home renovations planned, saving extra money in other areas can be a big help, however even if you aren’t planning any big expenditure, you can use the money on adventures or luxuries you would normally not be able to afford on your holiday. For the price of a flight to another country, you can eat a whole lot of ice cream, buy all the keyrings from a gift shop and go on rides multiple times!

Quality family time

The main purpose of a holiday is spending time with loved ones, relaxing and making memories and on a holiday at home, or a staycation, there is plenty of time for this. Whether you are a family who likes to spend holiday time walking, exploring, on high-adrenaline activities or just relaxing, you can find something to do to keep everyone happy — and don’t forget to take plenty of photographs too! Just because you aren’t going to another country, that doesn’t mean you should skip out on things like that. In fact, make sure you remember that this is a holiday, so no boring chores, no work, just delicious food, fun adventures and spending time together.

Appreciate your home

One of the best things about a staycation is really appreciating where you live. We so often take for granted the area we live in and all it has to offer, and so being a tourist in your own country can be a lot of fun! Check out the tourist areas or the hidden gems that you often overlook and pretend you’re a visitor from elsewhere for a while. This will give you a new-found appreciation for your home which in turn will make you feel happier, even when your holiday is over.

You can still have the best time, unwind and make amazing memories, without having to leave the country and there are so many benefits to doing so! So, instead of stressing out about a holiday abroad this year, opt for holidaying at home and enjoy!

Do you like to holiday at home? Let me know in the comments.


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