5 Things to Carry While Traveling with a Baby

Holiday tour- these two little words have an unparalleled ability to lift up one’s mood. Can you guess why? Since every time, it brings the most required break from our monotonous daily schedule.

But do you ever think how much trouble is associated with a tour, before and after? Starting from the planning, booking the accommodations and tickets till we rearrange and clean our staffs after the tour we had to take a lot of hazards. And the loads and hazards doubled if we were traveling with kids. Though it is troublesome, but still we can’t let our little darlings back in the home in other people’s care while we were outing.  Like every other problem on earth, this one also has an easy solution.  That is plan early and packs accordingly. Here is a list of five essentials to carry while traveling with a kid. I personally found these items extremely helpful while traveling with my 2 years old kid.

The List


Baby Diapers
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These are extremely important in every tour especially when you have to travel for a long time. We know that Indian babies gained toilet habit within 1.5 to 2 years of age. But in case of long journey you may not be able to take your baby to toilet all the time he/she need that. To give your baby, the required comfort use diapers in a tour. And remember to take some extra in case of delay. Try to use wipes instead of water on the road. That will keep you and the little one dry and clean.

Extra Clothes

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Always pack some extra outfits for a kid during a tour. Babies wet their clothes every now and then, so be prepared for that. Here is a special tip for the new mothers: don’t fold, instead create a tight roll of the clothing; it will take much less space.

Take some piece of clothes to cover up your baby while feeding to deal with those messy burps.

Don’t forget to take your baby’s blanket with you. The used blankets of the resorts may harm the cutie pie’s delicate skin.

Baby Food

Baby Food
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Pack all the special baby foods your baby is used to. It is always better to take the special utensils for the kid to avoid unwanted circumstances. So, take your baby’s dish, glass or sippy cup, bowl and two to three feeding bottles for safety. Try to boil the used feeding bottle every night.


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While traveling with a kid, medicines are must. Take some common medicines prescribed by your pediatrician, like medicine for fever, diarrhea, vomiting, pain, cough, and cold, etc. Don’t forget to pack a nappy rash cream or powder.

Pack the baby toiletries for the kid and take a first aid kit also.


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Lastly, but most importantly pick a few of the little darling’s favorite toys to keep him or her busy.

Special Tips

  • Carry some plastic bags to pack dirty clothes or wet nappies.
  • Try to take an electric kettle with you. In case of insufficient boiling water, this will come to your aid.
  • Pack a baby carriage if your tour requires a great deal of walking. This will help you to carry your baby easily.


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