5 Things To Do At The End Of The World

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Antarctica- the southern most continent of the world that holds the pleasure of containing the geographic south pole. The 5th largest continent of the world (only four ahead of it: Asia, Africa, North and South America) has the total area of 14000000 square kilometers and is surrounded by the Southern Ocean. Many scientists spend their lives in that place for scientific research from ages. Though it is difficult to travel there but the place is now gaining attention from the tourists who love adventures. Here are 5 things to do if you are in Antarctica.

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To reach Antarctica first, you have to move through the dangerous Drake Passage. High waves of heights of 30 feet are there to welcome you other than the seasickness.3

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The first land you will see is the South Shetland Islands. Located north of Antarctica, these islands are a gateway to the continent and observed numerous tourists throughout the year. Other than hiking through the knee-deep snow steps you can also enjoy the wildlife (houses of penguins and seals) and artifacts from past decades of human activity.

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The Lemaire Channel is one of the first channels to pass through once you are in the Antarctic Peninsula. The best thing here is the Antarctica’s landscape where the cliffs rise straight out of the water. You will find some native guides in the form of humpback whales who will often escort your boats through the channel.

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Another thing which may excite you is exploring the continent out in the cold. The snowy region, the native creatures, the wildlife, the stunning landscape all are there to entertain you. Just step out and lost in the cold nature at the last point of the world.

Want to send a postcard from Antarctica?! Yes, that’s also possible. Though sound odd but at Port Lockroy, you can. A postcard dated and addressed, you can stamp an official penguin that says “Port Lockroy, Antarctica. 6449’S, 6329W.” As per the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, close to 70,000 postcards are sent out from Port Lockroy every year.Also, there is a very small wooden building that acts as a museum and salute those who risked their lives scientific discoveries years ago and also showcases recent discoveries.

By now we know the facts and its time to watch the documentary to view the secrets:


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