7 Reasons to Revive Your Love for a Hill Station

How long do you visit a hill station? My last trip to a hill station was 3 years back. Long time, but still it is my favorite holiday destination- a perfect calm and cool hill station. I know, there are many people who don’t love a hilly holiday. Certainly there are reasons- lacks of water, difficult road journey, unavailability of modern amenities (though not all the time). However, if you look deeper then there will be much more reasons to fall in love with the hills than to hate them. Here are some of the top reasons.

Memory of an unforgettable sunrise or sunset


A sunrise or sunset is beautiful anywhere; even at your neighboring sky, but a sunrise or sunset is unforgettable when you witness it from a hill station. In a hilly backdrop, these are the time when you can view nature’s full-color palette displayed on the sky. An out-of-the-world experience. One of the notable points is Tiger Hill in Darjeeling.

Rain on the hills

Dzukou Valley, Nagaland
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Though you may find it a little more difficult to visit any hill station during the rainy season, but the ultimate result will be something that is worth to remember. The vast green Indian hills will never more fresh and eye-catching than in the rains. Western Ghat hills are great to enjoy during rains.

Enjoying the solitude


A large number of hill stations in India are out of the hustles and bustles of the big cities. These are the ideal destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.  If you want a break from your busy schedule then nothing can help you more than a hill station. Himalayan hill stations are famous for this.

The dancing streams and falls

Jaldhaka River

If you love nature and water simultaneously then a hill station is the only place to give you a chance to meet with both of your loves. Nothing sounds sweeter in the world than the sound of a dancing mountain stream flowing over little stones. The mountain falls are equally beautiful.

Great trekking routes

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The Himalayan region in India offers some world class trekking routes. Singalila Kanchenjunga trek, Zanskar Frozen River trek, Gomukh Tapovan trek are a few among the top routes.

Adventure Sports

Indian hill stations are the famous location for various adventure sports. Those who love adrenaline rushes can find great opportunities here, like, paragliding, biking, skiing, rafting and a lot more.

Mountain Railways


We have heard about this since childhood days. A toy train ride or a joy-ride is a lifetime experience which you can found only in the hill stations. The three famous routes are Shimla-Kalka railway, The Darjeeling Himalayan railway, and the Nilgiri Mountain railway. Though now a day a joy-ride cost thousands of Indian rupees, but the money you spend are well worth.

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    Visiting a hill station really revives me. Thanks for sharing these spectacular photos.


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