7 Reasons to Visit Jaisalmer Desert Festival

The Indian city Jaisalmer is famous for yellow sand and yellow sand stone. The city is located at the heart of Thar desert and all the architechture of this place is built with yellow sand stone. This in turn leads to a second name for the city and that is “The Golden City”. One of the main attractions of Jaisalmer other than the Jaisalmer fort is “The Desert Festival” which held in February every year.

Here are 7 reasons for which you should visit Jaisalmer Desert Festival once in your life.

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To see the turban tying competition: Turban is considered one of the most prestigious things for a Rajasthani man. During the Desert festival a unique turban tying competition was held for the men folk of Jaisalmer.

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To see the Mustache competition: Mustache is a symbol of honor and masculinity in Rajasthan. The man with the longest and good quality mustache is honored with the prestigious title of Mr. Desert in this festival.

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To see the most popular puppet shows of Rajasthan. These are hand crafted traditional puppets and tells Rajasthani folk tales which depict the past glory of Rajasthani royals.


To see the gorgeous and colorful folk dances of Rajasthan.

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To listen the traditional folk music of Rajasthan. The folk music of Rajastha includes many unique and peculiar looking instruments that can be found only in this desert city.

To view the stunning performances of balladeers.

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To experience the beautiful and gorgeous camel race, camel polo, camel dance and camel decoration.

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