8 Top Travel Hacks for Frequent Business Travelers

If you spend a lot of time on the road knowing how to pack efficiently is crucial. Depending on how often you travel you can save up to a week’s worth of time simply by fitting all of your essentials into a carry-on suitcase. And all you need to do is remember a few simple tricks.

Make your trip easier with these simple travel hacks:

Skip the colors


You might love all your wonderfully colorful clothing but when you’re on the road for a business trip you aren’t going to be wearing it anyway. Stick with black—it’s the ultimate in professionalism and it goes well with any look.

Spend the extra bucks for laundry services

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Hotel laundry might be expensive but it will save you a lot of space in your luggage and therefore a lot of time. Be sure to schedule at least one two-night stay in the same hotel for every seven days you’re on the road and you can get away with only packing five of everything.

Keep liquids in tiny containers

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Any liquid you have to announce is not worth bringing. Put contact solution into a thoroughly washed out Vizine container; use sample size containers of everything.

Make sure your carry on luggage has good wheels

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Wheels that move in all directions and a long handle will save you a lot of time and back pain. Wheels that only move in one direction can also save you a lot of time but you’ll find that these suitcases typically flip over when they hit a snag and you might end up stopping a lot to correct yourself. Be willing to spend the extra money on one of the better-quality options, ideally a model with 4-directional wheels; you will be grateful for many years to come.

Know the limits of your batteries… On everything

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Today many mobile devices have impressive battery lives. On short trips you can save a lot of space simply by leaving chargers at home—you just have to know exactly how much battery you have or you’ll end up buying a new one while you’re away.

Back up everything

Losing your ID while you’re traveling is terrifying and can cost you a lot of stress, time and money. Take high quality photographs or scan copies of your passport, driver’s license and credit cards and keep the backups on your SD card so you always have them with you.

Never, ever check your bag

Bag check lines take up a huge amount of time when you’re traveling. Even if you’re going away for a month you can get away with only a carry on suitcase. In the end a suit is a suit and you only need two you can alternate between, no matter how long you’re going away for.

Try shampoo bars and toothbrush powder

A single unidentified liquid in your carry on can cause a serious delay of half an hour or more. Buying shampoo bars instead of bottles for the road can save you a lot of heartache, as can toothbrush powder—and if you buy the right brand they can also be much cheaper.

If you travel frequently for business following these 8 steps will keep you out of long luggage lines, shaving precious time off every journey so you can spend it doing the things you love instead.

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