A Secluded Place – Morjim Beach Goa

Goa is a place full of colors and fun.  This beach state of India is well-known for its fun-filled beaches, colorful cultures, signatures left by the Portuguese and many more. In two previous posts, we had shared our experience in Calangute beach and Anjuna beach. These two seashores are two most popular beaches of Goa and tons of tourists visit there every day for adventure spots or bathing. There are also loads of beach activities, which are some prime causes of tourist attraction.

Here, I am going to share with you about another beach of Goa that is not as much popular as the two above mentioned beaches – Morjim beach.


The Journey

If you had visited Goa earlier and want to visit Morjim beach then you must be familiar with the expressions of the local auto rickshaw drivers after they heard your destination. The first word that came out of their mouth was a big “No”.

“That’s not a very good place. Why did you want to go there? Come let’s go to Calangute! Lots of fun sports are there.”

That was the exact words which we heard from our driver. But we were determined, so we pressed him that we would only go to Morjim. And finally, the driver accepted our proposal and we were set for that secluded beauty of Goa.

The road to the beach through the village was a treat for our eyes.  We saw a calm and quiet typical Indian village stand out of the reach of the madding, entertainment-loving crowd of Goa.

The Beach


The auto rickshaw carried us was stopped a few miles away from the beach. We had to cover that distance to the beach by foot.

With an immense excitement in our mind wet set out for the beach through the sand yards.


The beach was equally calm and quiet like the village. We had not seen a single Indian tourist there other than three of us. There were only a few foreigners on the beach enjoying sunbathing.


We heard that this is the beach habitat for the endangered species Olive Ridley sea turtles. However, we had not encountered any of them.


We spend some time there, enjoying seclusion from our so-called civilization and then set out for our next destination.

Some Facts about Morjim Beach

Morjim beach is the habitat for Olive Ridley sea turtles which is an endangered species now. Due to their gradually decreasing numbers, Olive Ridley sea turtles are the most highly protected creature under Indian law. Killing them or poaching their eggs is a punishable offense here. Not only the government, but the locals are now fiercely protecting this species of sea turtles.


In many opinions, Morjim beach is infamous for its Russian invitation. According to some people, it is the place from where Russian people with criminal background perform many illegal operations. But that claim was yet to be proved.


Currently, you will find many hotels and resorts around Morjim beach. Some of them are Marbela Beach Resort, Morjim Club Beach Resort, Turtle Beach Resort, etc. All of them have online booking facilities.

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