Adventurous Travel For Every Budget



If you ever find yourself dealing with a bout of wanderlust – especially in these dark winter days, and are looking for something to lift your spirits, then you may be inclined to take off on a spontaneous trip.

Traveling when the mood strikes isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but there’s certainly no need to sit at home drooling over images on Pinterest of faraway lands.

Below are some of our top tips for satisfying your inner adventurer regardless of your budget.

  • Explore your own surroundings: as a true traveler, it’s easy to get caught up in the belief that you have to fly thousands of miles to find adventure, but sometimes there’s so much magic to be found on our own doorstep that we often overlook. Get out and about to see what the history of your town or surrounding towns, or take a family road trip a few cities away- you will likely be pleasantly surprised, and there’s no early check ins or passport control to worry about, either;
  • Go backpacking: whether you decide to stay local, or take a flight to Europe, backpacking is an excellent way to travel cheaply and create many adventures along the way. If you go to Europe, the travel via train and bus is very cheap, as are the accommodation options in quality hostels, and sometimes the flights can be very affordable, too. Backpacking also allows you to meet fellow travelers from all over the world, and make lots of great memories as you see a variety of interesting places in a short time
  • Visit another continent: if you have a little more to spend, you can take your wandering spirit to see all that Asia has to offer, or if you want to get truly back to nature, then checking out some game ranger courses to enroll in for the ultimate travel experience may be more suited to you;

No matter what from the above best suits you, it’s important to remember that the distance you travel is not what makes the trip. You can have a great staycation in your own city, and an equally bad trip after flying for a day – what makes your trip memorable is your enthusiasm and imagination.

Get to know the local culture – even if it’s just a few towns away, show an interest in the people, try the food, and even give the language a go if you feel like it. What you get in return will be memories that last a lifetime, and those you created yourself, not just from a package in a resort that someone else put together for you.

Of course, when traveling anywhere – especially if you’re alone, always put your safety as the main priority. Don’t carry large sums of cash on you, or important items such as passports or travel documents, make sure people know where you are, can contact you, and that you know where the local police station and embassy for your country is. The likelihood of you needing these is small, but it’s better to have all avenues covered so you can focus on making the most of your trip.

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