Best Beaches of India

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Hi Friends! Toursnfoods is back after its long one week break. It was Diwali or I can say, Kali Puja (worshipping Goddess Kali) in Kolkata and Bhai Phonta and to celebrate these occasions I took a week break from my blog. And now, I am here. This time I’ll make a list of some best beaches of India which you can visit this winter. So, let’s begin.

Best Beaches of India

Radha Nagar Beach, Havelock

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The Radha Nagar Beach is located in the Bay of Bengal around 900km from India, in The Andaman & Nicobar Islands and has some of the best and striking beaches. The most important part of these beaches is they are still untouched and virgin, making them a perfect holiday destination.

Getting there

The most convenient way to go to the Andamans is to fly from Calcutta or Chennai or any metro cities of India. Alternatively, you can travel by ship which takes 60-72 hours.

Havelock can be reached from Port Blair by the ferry departing from the Phoenix Bay jetty. There are 2 departures per day.

Malpe beach & St. Mary’s Island, Udupi, Karnataka

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The natural harbour of Malpe is at the mouth of the Malpe River, about 6 km from Udupi in Karnataka. It is an important fishing center.

St Mary’s island is about 30 minutes out into the sea from Malpe Beach in Udupi. The island is filled with crystallized basalt rock which is a unique rock formation found in very few places in the world.

Getting there

The nearest railway station is Udupi, which is about 4 km from Malpe

The nearest airport is Bajpe, Mangalore which is about 60 km from Malpe

The only way of getting to St. Mary’s islands is by boat.

Tarkarli, Maharashtra

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Tarkarli is located 6km to south of Malvan and 546-km from Mumbai on the west coast of India. It is situated at the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea. This place has a quiet golden beach with aquamarine waters rare for a beach on the mainland coast.

Getting There

The nearest railway station is Kudal on the Konkan Railway.

Tarkarli is accessible from Malvan by bus and rickshaw.

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