Best Places to visit in Autumn

Are you planning a holiday this autumn? We Indians consider autumn as a festive season.  During this time we want to spend days with our family and friends. Enjoying the festival and spending a vacation filled with adventure and merriment is the specialty of this time. So, those who are planning a grand vacation in autumn this year then here is a great list of places for them to choose.



Chandigarh is a city that can be visited at any time of the year and this city is one of the best in the country. So, if you are planning to visit north India, Chandigarh is the ideal place to explore the Punjabi flavor this autumn. The climate here in autumn is hot but not as scorching as the southern parts of India so you can have a soothing weather that is close to 26 degrees Celsius during day time.

It is also a shopping hub and a heaven for foodies so you can explore different sectors in the city to shop and to indulge your taste bud. If you are searching clothes and shoes then go to Sector 17, Sector 22 and Sector 9. If you are looking for electronic goods Sector 17 and 22 is the greatest bet while Madhya Marg Sector 34 is the right option for buying furniture.

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To celebrate Diwali in majestic style without distressing about the temperature factor then you can go to Shimla. There are numerous places that you can visit here in Shimla and since it’s now snowing you can travel with minimum clothes and jackets. Most of the people here visit some of the old temples during the festival days and enjoy Diwali by lighting up the diyas. Shimla is also good for shopping so you can see the sights of some local markets here and buy something for your near ones.

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Bandipur National Park, Karnataka


If you are planning to go to the south then visit Bandipur National Park in Karnataka. Bandipur National Park starts budding with the beginning of pre-monsoon rains in the month of April. This park is home to countless birds and animals. The delightful surrounds, the rare occupants, the pleasing climate and the closeness to several astonishing destinations of the south, Bandipur is the most ideal place for one who is interested in all especially nature. You can see elephants, gaurs, and some beautiful birds in the park’s surroundings.

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