Best Places to Visit in Marrakech

Marrakech is a beautiful city in Morocco which depicts the picture of ancient traditions, culture and Modern Convinces. If you are the traveler who wants to experience horse riding, camel cart, village’s culture, hills, mountains, and architecturally important sites then Marrakech is a perfect place that suits your taste. There are a lot places for food lovers to taste best Marrakech local Foods, places for shopping and Marrakech’s museums

If you are thinking to Visit Marrakech then there are number of available Marrakech excursions which helps you to plan the marvelous vacations.  I would recommend don’t waste your time in thinking, just pack your bags and plan a trip to Marrakech. Most people don’t have too much time to explore the entire city. So, we have compiled a list of 7 Best Places to visit in Marrakech.

Medina Souks

Medina Souks

If you have planned your trip then Median Souks is a place that you cannot be missed. Medina is the historic place of Marrakech with Stone Path that gives the ancient feelings. Medina soucks is a trade center and it is divided in two sections to facilitate trades. You’ll find different vendors selling various products like lamps, carpets, clothes and antique pieces on their stalls. Each street has a unique identity and selling point.

Be careful when you visiting Medina Soucks because you can easily find yourself lost due to Maze Arciture of this place. There are so many narrow streets that give the same look. It is better to remember landmarks so; it would be easy to come back to the place from where you have started.

In Medina Soucks, there are not just people who are looking for trades but you’ll find scooters, cart, and wagons in the narrow streets which makes the street narrower. Whenever you see coming cart or wagon in the way, walk on the right side of the street. Try to take a walk without earphone to hear the different sounds and owner’s shoutings which gives you an unforgettable experience.

Djemaa EL Fna


You can find this at the centre of Marrakech life. This place is a coulorful and bright hub of stalls, Artists and musicians, storytellers and story tellers with couple of snake charmers which never stops to amaze us.

Koutoubia Masque

Koutiba mosque

If you are searching for Marrakech most famous landscape then you have to visit this place It has an eye whelming 75 miter tall building which can be seen in every direction from miles away. This Mosque was build in 1162 and considered as the greatest masterpiece ever created by Almond architecture. The Sad part is that non Muslims are not allowed to visit this place.

Medersa Ben Youssef


This is the School which is referred as maderasa in Islam was build in 1565 by Saadians and it is one of the largest theoretical collage in Morroco. The labyrinth of rooms are surrounded by small internal courtyard is the real highlight there. The finest tiling and tender wood detailing and kufic inscriptions used as a decoration across the city make this mederasa one of the morocco’s attractive and stunning place to visit.

Saadian Tombs


It is the home of 16th century Saadian lineage. They have with 66 members rules over Marrakech between 1526 to 1667.The tombs here include that of the ruler  Al-Mansur,his sucessors, and his really close members. It has a garrulous atmospheric place with a scent of overgrown beautiful garden full of white and red flowers. The Saadian Tombs walls were upped by their Alawite successors due to security and were only rediscovered in the early 20th century.

Bahia Palace


This huge and eye catchy palace was build in the early 19th century as the residence of the Grand Vizier Bou Ahmed, who served Sultan Moulay al-Hassan I. This place is as beautiful outside as inside but the decoration and amount of artwork in interior is simply breathtaking. The interior decoration is dazzling showcase of colorful rooftops and ceilings, zellige tiles, big fountains and large rooms with heavy Fanous (lamps) hanging from the ceilings give a hint of the lavish lives of those high up in the sultan’s favor at that time. The huge marble grand in the country yard and lavish saloon of the haram are the two major star attractions of this place.

Marrakesh Museum


Marrakech Museum has a wide range of collections of Quranic inscriptions, with local ceramic work, textiles and coins thrown in for good measure. Moreover the real attraction of most of the people who visit here is the building in which the museum is housed. The Dar Me’nebhi manufactured it in the early 20th century and he is also been elected as a home minister of Morocco once. The architecture of this place was build in such a style that is gives a look of harmonious blend of local North African form with Portuguese elements covered in it and features an extremely impressive central courtyard area complete with lavish chandelier.

Take a Day Trip: The best way to enjoy the hectic city stay is a full day Marrakech ExcursionsThis full day tour gives you a great overview and opportunity to explore this beautiful city.

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