Best Time to Visit Nidhivan-A Mysterious Place

What is Nidhivan


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Have you ever heard of Nidhivan? If not then think again. Surely you have heard about it but may be in some different name. Before I move forward, I just want to tell you something about this mysterious place. Yes, it is a place filled with unsolved mysteries and at the same time it is also a religious place. So, undoubtedly it can be termed as a religious mysterious place. And this place is situated in Vrindavan.

Why Nidhivan is mysterious


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Nidhivan is one of the sacred and highly mysterious places in Vrindavan. The reason behind all the mysteries of Nidhivan is the stories and myths about Lord Krishna and Radha. Nidhivan is filled with small wild Basil trees the local name of which is Vana Tulsi. As per the myth, Swami Haridas was a divine sage and a great devotee of lord Krishna. Seeing Haridas’s devotion, spiritual desires and hard reparation, Lord Krishna appeared in front of him. The place where Lord Krishna appeared is now known as PrakatyaSathal (place of appearance of shree bihari ji).

The temple and Nidhivan is closed after the evening prayer as it is believed that Lord Krishna & Radha appear here at the night to perform their spiritual activities (Ras Leela). If anyone sees these activities he/she becomes dumb, deaf, and blind or may be even dies. So, after evening aarati, no one is allowed inside the premise. Even all the monkeys that stay there leave Nidhivan after evening aarti.


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Another mysterious factor of Nidhivan is the shape and size of the trees covered this place. All the trees are very short and intertwined to each other. Almost all of these trees are of same size and shape. The trees are believed to be Gopis, and their intertwined shape depicts the love between themselves.

Being modern people, it is hard to believe all these stories. But still there must be something that acts behind these myths. No matter what the myths say about the place, Nidhivan is one of the best places to experience tranquility.

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