Best Travel Shows to Indulge Your Itchy Feet

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Are you feeling bored in your daily routine life? I know, sometimes it feels like a hell to live in a world which is completely tied up by a strict routine.  Though many times we wish to cut off this routine and face the adventures of the world but most of the time, it seems impossible to get that desired break in a most-needed time. In order to break our monotony and to give us required thrill in our life, there are several TV shows that will indulge our itchy feet. Here is a depiction of some of the best.

Amazing Race

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This is a reality show that is filled with adventure and challenges. In the beginning, 11 teams go on board a 25-day race around the world. In every spot, there is a new challenge which the participants have to overcome in order to move to their next destination. The teams which fall behind on the way are eliminated. The first team that arrive the final destination wins a prize worth $1 million.

Where to watch: The show airs on CBS.


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It is a real world backpacker’s show. Departures follow two friends Justin Lukach and Scott Wilson who leave their fixed lives to gain new experiences and feel the adventures around the world. The two friends along with cameraman Andre Dupuis, uncover remote locations to the viewers of the show. You can experience new cultures via them and their own personal experience of the journeys only the ups and downs of travel is shown here.

Where to watch: All three seasons are available on the show’s online store. Halogen TV also airs repeats.

House Hunters International

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The original TV show depicts journeys abroad in its latest avatar where want-to-be international homeowners travel through a few of the magnificent cities in the world with one mission to find a purchasable home. The show focuses more on the buildings and local lives and living a standard of a city, along with a feeling of the architecture and lifestyle in each of them.

Where to watch: House Hunters airs on HGTV

Long Way Round

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Are you a bike lover? Or want to wheel around the globe on a bike? Then it is the ideal show for you. Actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman did the same for their 2004 motorbike travelogue and Long Way Round is the result of that. They travel 20,000 miles from London eastward to New York on a bike. Their trip crossed a huge range of surroundings, starting from the traffic gridlock of Rome to Mongolian deserts and Russian marshland along the fabled Road of Bones.

Where to watch: Trips are available on DVD from Netflix and on the Long Way Round online store.


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Explore22 is a youth–oriented show that focuses on how to discover and help struggling communities around the world. The cast and the series both are young yet viewers have already experienced Haiti for earthquake relief and Peru, where the team joined a construction project to create a new school.

Where to watch: Explore22 is a web–only show available for free viewing on the website of Explore22.

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