Chilapata Forest – Expedition to the Animal Kingdom

Are you a nature lover planning a short trip? Trust me; there is a place in West Bengal where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature and the fierceness of wildlife at the same time. This place is Chilapata Forest.

In my previous post, I have shared my experience of Suntalekhola trip and here is my experience in Chilapata forest. As I am a true admirer of nature; I was excited about the jungle safari from the beginning of our journey. And after the forest safari, Chilapata increases my love for nature a great deal.

 Beginning of the adventure

In the middle of the month of October, nine members of our adventure loving family started a 7-day trip to Dooars. We caught Kanchankanya Express from Howrah. Our first destination was Buxa Jungle Lodge of West Bengal Forest Development Corporation. From the beginning, we felt that it was going to be a remarkable trip; the train journey itself was a treasure for the mind.

 Some facts and figures

Chilapata is dense and widely spread forest of Dooars. The forest is near Jaldapara National Park in Alipurduar district. About 20Km from Alipurduar; it is beside Hasimara town. Another interesting fact- the forest is an elephant corridor between Buxa Tiger Reserve and Jaldapara National Park.

 Expedition to the animal kingdom

I was eagerly waiting for our Chilapata forest safari. As that was my first forest safari; my excitement was on top. On the day-2 of our 7 day Dooars tour; we reserved a car and our expedition to the animal kingdom began.

As soon as we entered the forest; clan of enormous tall trees surrounded us. The sunlight began to diminish; we were moving towards the dense forest.

For me, the forest was like a big mystery. It appears as if I was approaching towards the tower of the witch where she kept Rapunzel, but this time it was the princess, who will rescue the prince.

In the middle of the forest, we climbed on the top of a watch tower. We had expected to see some of the wild beasts, but to our great disappointment, none of them was eager to say hello to us, of course from a safe distance.

Heartbroken, we climbed down the tower and the second innings of our journey started. We passed Kodal Basti, Mendabari Jungle Camp. Alas! Still couldn’t greet any of our wild friends. But, we were enjoying our safari. The dense green forest, trees – possibly hundred years old, pollution-less air is worth mentioning.

On the way, our car took a right turn and oh! This time the beasts listen to our pray. We saw an elephant with its baby crossing the road. All of us were at the edge of our seat and forget to utter a single word.

Now, our jungle safari was at its end and we were returning. When we were moving beside a little stream we saw two one-horned Rhinoceros drinking water from that stream. This time all of us shouted in excitement and the two scared Rhinos ran back to the dense forest.

On our way to Baxa Tourist Lodge, we went to NalrajaGarh – a fort built by the Nal Kings in the fifth century CE. Due to lack of maintenance, a large portion of this fort is now destroyed. However, the ruins gave us an essence of the golden age of ancient India.

After coming out of NalrajaGarh; we watched the sunset from Chilapata forest. Slowly the darkness covered us. We were now on our way towards the lodge, out from the forest. But the forest is not out from my mind. It will be there for the rest of my life.

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2 thoughts on “Chilapata Forest – Expedition to the Animal Kingdom

  • March 27, 2015 at 7:53 am

    it was nice….If u have any information of homestay at west Bengal,wherever u have stayed,kindly mail the details with contact no.,name,other details as available please.

    • March 27, 2015 at 9:25 am

      Hello Mr. Bonnerjee,
      First of all thank you for liking this article. We stayed at Buxa Jungle Lodge of WFDC, the details of which you can find here: Currently I don’t have any information about the home stay at West Bengal. If I got something related, I’ll surely mail you the details.


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