Common Errors that Can Be Avoided In Case of China Visa

China has transformed itself into one of the world’s strongest economic superpowers from being another Asian country over the years. For the last few decades, this upcoming of China into the world of economy has increased the traffic towards China to a large extent. The number of China visa application from the US has gone up by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Now, China is a country which is not travelled for the lone purpose of tourism. It has lots and lots of official work on offer for the people around the world. With this increase in demand for the visa for China, there were quite a few common errors which were found out by the research teams of different agencies. We do hereby put together some of the commonest issues which needs to be looked after while applying for the China visa so that the problems might be avoided.



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In the first segment we would like to discuss on a few sections of the China visa application where there is a mistake in general. While filling up the form please remember that Section 1.9 requires the driving license, social security or the US legal status to be enlisted. In Section 1.23 you need to enlist one or more major family member even if he or she is not travelling with you. In case you are travelling for business you need to select ‘Business or Trade’ in Section 2.1. Then Section 2.6 requires you to enlist a hotel along with all necessary details where you will be staying in China. Remember that in case of a business tour the hotel needs to be located in the same city in which you are invited. Finally, in Section 4.1, you need to sign the application in black or blue ink only.


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Then, if you are on the lookout for a 10 year visa to China, Section 2.2 would offer you the intended number of entries, over there you can either opt for the ‘multiple entries valid for 1 year’ or opt for other where you will find an option named ‘multiple option valid for 10 years’ which is the newer regulation of the two. You can opt for either one of them in order to get your intended visa as per your needs.

Confusion for the China Visa applicants is also found regarding the fact that if the passport is valid for another year only can they avail a 10 years visa. The answer is a simple yes. You can be provided with a 10 year visa and once your passport is renewed post the expiry you can easily travel with the new one and until that time you are even allowed to travel with your old and expired passport as well.

Thus, through this discourse, we have tried to discuss on the common issues one faces while applying for the visa for China and we would hope that we have successfully managed to recover you from a lot of confusions you had when you tried to apply for your China visa. Now we hope that your travel to China would be a hassle free one.

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