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Enrich Your Life With Food: 5 Reasons To Do Weekend Brunch

Most people get excited over weekend brunches, and it’s not only because brunch is such a trendy meal. There are so many factors that make it a delightful gathering over food.

For families and friends, brunch presents the wonderful opportunity for people to catch up on each other’s lives. The time of day is just right and there are no restrictions on the food selection. There’s no issue with, say, with enjoying a wood-smoked old fashioned cocktail at 12:00pm in the day, to get you into party mode.

As for brunch fashion, anything works — you can put on a fancy outfit or simply keep it casual.

There’s a lot more to know about this special meal. Rounded up below are five other reasons why you should brunch with family or friends.

1.     Brunch can Become that Completely Satisfying Element in your Weekly Routine.

Most people’s routines are composed of activities that are not necessarily always enjoyable. There’s work, which unfortunately, not everyone can say they truly love with a passion. You also have chores to finish every day, workouts to plow through, and errands to run – activities that you do because you have to, and not necessarily because you want to. Amid all that, brunch can be that part of your weekly routine that is purely there to delight you.

First of all, you don’t need to personally prepare the meal. If you live in Dubai, you can get everybody’s favorite dynamite shrimp or Chicken Katsu Curry .

Secondly, brunch means sampling new dishes, check out recent events in the community, and even meeting new people.

And thirdly, you can have those conversations that you normally don’t have time for during the busy week.

2.     Brunch is the Perfect Time to Relax.

It is the most relaxing meal you can have. You don’t need to wake up too early for it and you don’t need to rush through the meal.

You can recharge and regroup as you enjoy good food and the company of people that you actually want to spend time with.

3.     Brunch can be that Single Time of the Week When you can Enjoy Delicious High-Quality Food

If you’ve been consuming nothing but fast food or hurriedly prepared home-cooked meals and packed lunches throughout the busy work week, then a weekend brunch will treat you to healthy and superbly prepared dishes.

For example, the menu at Bazxar restaurant in Dubai has a beautiful fusion menu whereby everyone can enjoy their favourite taste – whether it’s slow-cooked short ribs or Char Sui Tofu Bao; mocktails or delicious cocktails – there’s something for everyone in unlimited portions.


4.     Brunch doesn’t Make You Feel Guilty about the Amount of Food You Consume

One of the beauties of brunch is that you can consume more food than you would normally eat. However, you don’t have to feel too bad about it because you’re eating while the day is still young. Unlike with dinner, when people feel they need to control their food intake because it’s nighttime and their bodies are getting ready to slow down, once you’re done with brunch, you still have several hours left in the day to burn what you ate.

Simply put, brunch is guiltless eating that you can look forward to.

5.     Brunch is Affordable

Since brunch is a hybrid meal, you’re getting two meals for the price of one (well, slightly over the price of one). But when you do the math, and even when you go crazy with your orders, it’s still cheaper than two full meals.

Brunch is a special experience. It involves food tasting, being in a laid-back and welcoming place with people you like, exchanging stories, observing the people and environment around you, and so much more. In this incredibly hectic world, it’s necessary to have such an experience every once in a while. It’s a little something you can look forward to so that you can regain a good and healthy perspective of living.


Kunal Lahori is a passionate leader, boasting a long track record of successful management across a variety of business industries in the UAE. He founded Bazxar in the DIFC, the most exciting bar in the city that looks, feels and tastes like nowhere else in Dubai.

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