Explore the Mesmerizing Glory of Ancient Architecture – Mandawa, Rajasthan

You must have heard a lot about Rajasthan’s culture, heritage, historical significance, and even more about its capital city Jaipur. But if you wish to explore the mesmerizing glory of the ancient era then your trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without visiting the beautiful and royal princely town – Mandawa!

A 4hr drive from Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan would take you to the exquisite location of Mandawa. It is a wonderful town located in the Jhunjhunu district in the Northern Rajasthan. With rich historical significance and a place having exclusive royal history, a short tour to this place would spellbind you. Mandawa is among few regions across entire India that still houses numerous captivating royal haveli and intricately crafted forts. Most of the havelis and forts are lavish in construction and deliver a charming appearance to the travelers.

It is an important town in Rajasthan that is still famous for its royal culture and aesthetics. The glorious and mesmerizing past of Mandawa is still showcased in the structures of the city. It is a beautiful city and houses exclusive appeal and wonderful beauty, which is admired from travelers all across the world. So, before you glance at the top fascinating destinations of the town that can help you get familiar with the ancient Rajputana culture, you must know a little about the divine history of Mandawa Region.

History of Mandawa

During the historical era, Mandawa was known as ‘Thikana’ that was planned by the BhojrajJiKasubsubin the mid-18th century. It is also evident that after this the place came to be known as ManduJat as named after his founder who established a hamlet in the region in 1797. At that time, Mandawa was also a prime feudal principality of the central Shekhawati region. Soon the place became a vital outpost for trading routes beginning from China and the Middle East. To safeguard this outpost, Thakur NawalSingha, a courageous Rajput ruler of Mandawa and Nawalgarh constructed a lavish fort in the town in 1755.



Soon, the region around the fort grew, and that attracted huge numbers of traders who not just instigated carrying trading activities, but also settled here. Over time, the merchants became wealthy, and they built numerous exquisite havelis and exceptional forts along with strikingly painted walls. While the merchants left the region, the havelis and forts are still intact in the town and have become a major point of attraction for the tourists.

Havelis and Tourist Spots in Mandawa

BansidharNewatia Haveli

It is a spectacular haveli built in 1921that allures visitors with its gorgeous and colorful paintings. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Mandawa that also holds great historical significance. Individuals who are fond of architecture and history visit this place and get knowledge about its construction and Mandawa’s past glory. The elegant design and brilliant construction are the major highlights of the haveli. A man on a bicycle, a woman with a chauffeur, a bird and man combination, and more such images can be seen on the walls of this building. So, if you wish to familiarize yourself with the splendid culture and lifestyle of the historic Royal families, then this is a must to visit the place.

Murmuria Haveli

Belonging to the 1930s, the Murmuria Haveli is situated in the exquisite location of Mandawa. it is an exceptionally designed haveli that is an eminent architectural site, which depicts the political leaders of the historical era. The unique architecture of the building exhibits the rich culture and art of the state. The paintings on the walls of the Murmuria haveli form major tourist attractions of the place captivating numerous tourists and history freaks from all across the world.

These paintings comprise designs of cars, George V, Venice, and trains. Even few of the walls are fashioned with images of Lord Krishnas with his fellow cows and even the first Prime Minister of India,Jawaharlal Nehru holding a national flag. Even there is a

The approximate distance of Mandawa from Jaipur is around 160km, and that from the capital city; New Delhi is around 260km. the colorful paintings, a sandy courtyard on the entrance of the haveli make this is an eminent place to visit.

Mandawa Fort

It is one of the major tourist temptations of Mandawa and captivates visitors with painted archways in the haveli that offer visitors with a real delight to watch. The paintings depict the images of Lord Krishna,and in addition to this, the exclusive room décor and a unique theme in the fort rooms form a major tourist attraction of the city.



The fort holds a unique charm of the medieval era and is structured with well-defined walls portraying numerous patterns and figurines. Even the antique collection at the fort is ‘must to see.’ A closer, careful look at these pictures would take you to the date back ancient Rajput era. Presently, the Mandawa Fort is transformed into a wonderful heritage hotel. So, if you wish to experience a real wonder on earth, then you must plan a visit to Mandawa Fort, which is just 167kms away from the Jaipur airport.

Goenka Chattri

Also famous as the ‘open air art gallery,’ this is an adorable monument that was structured in the 18th Century. The palace was named after the reputed family of Goenkas, who once resided in this mansion. The elite walls of this palace are embellished with frescoes and paintings having statues of Rajasthani heritage. The ancient belongings of the royals are still intact and untouched in the gallery. With themassive entrance and arched doorways are symbols of unmatched grandeur and a showcase of artisan’s accuracy. Since Goenkas are considered to have deep faith in the almighty god and were followers of the Hindu religion, so you would also find out the figurines of Lord Krishna on the walls of this haveli.

Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli

This is one of the finest creations and palatial mansions of the Mandawa region. With immense grandeur and exceptional architecture, it is a palatial mansion that houses an exotic imagery and hosts an ambiance filled with vintage charm and glory.

Every corner of this haveli is a representation of the Rajputanaflavor. Whether you sight any wall or visit any corridor, you would be mesmerized by the flawless creative work done by expert artisans belonging to the Rajputana era. Besides images and pictures of different scenes, the haveli enthrallsthe visitors with lattice works, carved wooden gates, and exclusivity. If you truly want to explore the essence of the Rajputana era, then you must plan a visit to Mandawa. This place would deliver you the aesthetic zeal of the royal heritage and art.

Accommodation in Mandawa

You cannot feel the true essence of the royal Rajputanaera until you reside in a place that is as beautiful and lavish as it was at the time of the royals. Hotel Castle Mandawa is a luxury resort in Mandawa that offer houses an ambiance adorned with paintings and artworks belonging to the ancient Rajputana style. It is one of the most spectacular heritage resorts in Rajasthan that can help you unleash the legacy of the rich Shekhawati region.

Once it was a lavish, beautiful fortress, which has been now transformed into a luxury resort that revives the royal luxury and elegance while delivering the tourists all the comfort and facilities of modern time. Palanquin-roofed balconies, antique cannons, giant brass gong, you would find everything belonging to the rich royals of the history if you plan to reside in this heavenly place on earth. The great thing is that you can avail such elite hospitality and lavish occupancies without comprising on your comfort.

If you wish to explore the glorious history of Mandawa region and explore the true flavors of Rajasthan without experiencing any hassle, then plan a trip to Mandawa and make prior bookings in the best heritage resort of the region.

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