Greece is a land where philosophy and democracy were first born,a land of history and the most captivating myths in the world. Mount Olympus, the home of the twelve Greek gods is also a place where the first Olympic games were held in 776 BC, in honor of Zeus (one of the gods). The Spartans, great warriors, used to fight their battles on this soil.

Rich in history, Greece has over 2,000 breathtaking islands and the unique architecture. The first thing you will notice in Greece are two prevailing colors: white and blue. Those are the two colors of their flag. Rustic, white houses with blue doors and shutters could be found anywhere in Greece. According to the old beliefs, the blue color keeps evil away. Today, however, this color combination is more of a tradition. Add some colorful flowers (usually pink) to this rustic architecture and you will find yourself in a land of dreams.



The perfection of the turquoise water in Greece cannot be explained by words. It cannot be absorbed either, not entirely anyway. Looking at it is never enough, it lures you in with tempting waves and a never-ending horizon. Gorgeous people walking around, unaware of their exceptional beauty will make want to come back over and over again.


The sound of a Greek language is like the most beautiful song you have ever heard. Charming, fast and seductive sounds spread everywhere you go. Not to worry, if you ever go to Greece, you can easily communicate in English. Another thing that will strike you is their music. Once you hear it, you won’t be able to sit quietly. Greeks are very passionate people who are not afraid of expressing their emotions. Don’t be surprised if they start breaking plates in the taverns when the music starts, it’s their tradition and it’s insanely fun thing to do. And listening to the waves at night is another sound you will take home with you.


Smell is the one thing you will never forget. The combination of the smells of the sea and food is something you will never find again unless you come back. You will never forget the smell of gyros, the traditional dish which can be found on every corner and is a magnet for foreigners. You will dream of this smell, it’s truly haunting. Which brings us to taste.


The national dish,  gyros is probably the most popular dish in Greece. You can find it in other countries as well, but it will not be remotely the same. So, don’t miss the opportunity of trying it once you go to Greece. Feta cheese, originally from Greece, is yet another thing that tastes completely different in other countries. Another popular dish which foreigners can’t get enough of is a souvlaki with tzatziki sauce. Some people compare souvlaki with gyros by mistake. But the truth is, those dishes are not even similar. Souvlaki looks and tastes completely different from gyros, which is why you should make sure to try both of the dishes. Greek cuisine is something completely different and it’s out of this world.


Bearing your feet in the gorgeous white sand will make you fall in love with the beaches in Greece. There are numerous beaches in Greece, which will make you believe in Heaven. Feeling the refreshing water on your skin as you relax swimming is as powerful as a meditation.

Greece is the perfect destination for anyone. It’s both wild and relaxing, depending on the preferences and different parts of the country. No matter what you choose, you will not regret it. And once you go to Greece, you will never want to leave it. This is a promised land full of friendly people who will always make you feel like home. And Greece is exactly that, a home to our senses and our soul.

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