Guideline of Making Perfect Tour/Travel Plan

A perfect tour is made up of 4 things i.e.  Always small groups always relaxed motto, Always a great memorable experience & A well managed budget. And you will end up with a PERFECT TOUR.


Yeah, People are so busy in their lives that they have bounded themselves within the wall of Work, responsibilities, maturity and many more. Sometimes being a kid or feel like a kid is also important, so that we can move for better future and for better living. When you will work for same thing when you work and work and work then your mind will get stressed and your other senses will not work in such a way like they should be.  For example- if you are walking miles and miles with empty stomach will you be able to walk more..? or even can you stand..? won’t.. Similarly when you are only working and working your mind not perform in a good way, your mind and body needs a break.

You should choose for a small vacation along with small group of friends or with your family, and make a agenda of days, budget and make a flexible and relaxed plan of tour, because you are not here for punctuality here you have to charge up yourself. Enjoy every moment of your tour and travel the world, you have only one life, so live at its best and forget the rest.

We have beautiful destinations in India and when you are talking about India it’s the hardest part to talk about, because India is a land which can’t be describe it only can be felt. When you are talking about tour in India you will end up with great ‘Must Visit Places in India’.

From the beautiful Himalaya to the greenery of Kerala you will find a lot of places where you can spend your days and trust me you won’t regret about it.

  1. Plan your Travelling Destination


This is the first thing which we plan before planning about something else. First decide what kind of traveling or tour you like or you want. If you are spiritual then in India you will find many ‘Tirath Place’s’ like you can go to Haridwar, Vaishno Devi, Amritsar, Shirdi, Mathura, Vrindawan and many more. If you love greenery then south side would be a good choice where you can visit to Kerala, Karnataka, Vishakhapatnam and many more are there. If you are fun loving and love the beauty of hills and mountains then you can go for Shimla, Nainital, Dehradoon, Rishikesh, etc. When you will end up deciding this you can find Great Travel offer and packages online.


  1. Budget


Your next step would be to research the costs in your destination in the way you want to spend your holidays.

There are questions which arise while researching regarding that like what kind of stay does you wants a backpack or a luxurious one..? How many of the hotels and travelling agencies are providing good and attractive offers and packages respectively..? And many more. With the help of this research you can decide the estimate how much money is required. Or you can say how what is the budget required.

As you have decided about the destination now plan for a budget. How much you can spend and how much is required to spend. Plan the things you want to do there and prepare a budget according to how many days you want to stay there, how many people are going, how many expenses can be done and many more. After ending up with this you need to check if here there is any deal or discount is going on, which can help you in minimizing your budget.


  1. Book Your Flight, train or bus


Now as you have decided about your destination and estimated about the cost now your are just close to done your tour, now it’s time to check the flight packages and flights or train or busses availability. Just book your flight or train or bus according to your suitability or your budget. There are many transportation deals and discounts running online. You can also get promo codes and coupon codes of websites which offers you great deals like, Makemytrip and many more. You can also get great discounts from the websites which lists down the best of these travelling website’s like,, and many more like these are there on internet which you can find from Google.

  1. Book Your Hotel


As now you have done all the preparations of your trip now last go for booking of your hotel. Research the lists of hotels or guests houses in your destination and prices of them. While doing this you will assure yourself that when you will reach your destination you will get your choice of hotel ready and waiting for you and that too within your pocket. Choose the hotel as per your requirements and as per your budget. Hotels plays a very vital role in your journey because here you can refresh yourself and can take rest. You can also find the top budget hotels online. You can save your money by choosing the best hotels deals and coupon codes.

So now as now you got to know all the steps to make your trip hassle free and to make it more memorable then make it Perfect at your best.

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