How to Travel with a Single Luggage

By far we have shared our traveling experiences in our blog, but today, I am going to share with you one of my biggest nightmares before traveling. Yes, you got it correct. It is packing the suitcase. All of us, who travel a lot, know how tricky the job to pack our luggage is. All the time, after reaching our destination we found that we have left one of the most important things back at home or we may find that our luggage is heaped with unnecessary objects that we don’t need in this tour. One of the easiest ways to avoid this hazard is to plan early. However, the fact is in a maximum time we don’t have that sufficient time to plan it early. Here, I am telling you my procedure to wrap it up in a single luggage; hope it will come to your help at the time of necessity.

Step-1: Pick up the correct bag

First of all consider your need and choose the luggage accordingly. Pick a bigger one if you have to carry winter wears, laptops and related accessories, gift items, many clothes, and some electronics goods. Otherwise, go for a smaller one.                 Also, if you have to carry the bag long distances then obviously go for a small bag.

If you have a vehicle to carry your bags all the way to the destination then a heavy weight bag will not create so many problems. But in the case you have to carry it by your own then the weight should be manageable.

Multiple pockets of a bag help, you keep your things organized. So always opt for one which has many pockets.

Step-2: Identify your necessary objects

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It is the most important part of packing. Ask yourself prior to packing what are the most important things of your daily life. Always keep in mind your destination while asking this question, because the location may change your daily needs. Such as if you are visiting a cold place then winter wear is a must for you and in case of a hot place these are all redundant.  So, think of this one with utmost care. Here is a list of common things:

  • Three change of clothing that can be dried up easily. In case you wash them.
  • Always take some extra pair of socks and under garments, as these are the products you have to change regularly. And it may happen that you don’t get a chance of washing, and then these extra pairs will help you.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving accessories, soap, and shampoo are the items you consider in toiletries. Try to pack the soap and shampoo in a separate pack and toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving accessories in another one so that it will take less space and easy to find out at the time of necessity.
  • Take common medicines and bandages and antiseptics in a pouch.
  • Pack your electronics accessories in a separate bag. It will be well-organized then and will take much smaller space giving you extra room for other items.
  • Empty plastic bags to put your dirty clothes and garbage.
  • Detergent powder, hand wash, hand sanitizer.
  • A pair of bathroom slippers.
  • In case you are visiting a forest then must take candles, matches, ropes, electric kettle (in case you need hot water for tea or coffee or for any other purpose)

Step-3: How to pack

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One of the easiest ways to minimize spaces is to roll your clothes to avoid wrinkle and save space.

Buy toiletries in a small bottle and wrap them up in a plastic bag to avoid any leakage.

Hope these tips will help you while packing. Please let us know your tips of packing suitcases by leaving comments. Let’s see how to make packing easier.

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