Kailashgiri – A hilltop amusement park with loads of fun

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The place:
If I am to name the best tourist spot in Vizag, then it has to be Kailashgiri. It’s actually a park on the top of the hill from where you can have a magnificent panoramic view of the Vizag city & the Bay of Bengal.

This attractive tourist spot of Vizag was conceived and designed by VUDA (Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority). The total area of this park is 380 acres. An example of sheer brilliance in the field of landscape design this park is loaded with fun, joy and entertainment at the height of 360 feet from the sea level.

Although you can easily reach the spot on the hilltop by car but we took the better option..the Ropeway. We had to wait in the queue to get the ticket. That was a little bit irritating, but once we got into the cabin of Ropeway…WOW…

After getting down from the Ropeway, we moved to the entrance of the park.

The huge idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati act as icon of this park. The cleanliness of this place was really noticeable. VUDA has strictly maintained this place as a plastic-free zone. Every year, a substantial number of Indian and foreign tourists visit Kailashgiri. In the year 2003 it was awarded “Best Tourist Spot ” by State Government of Andhra Pradesh.

The Train Ride:
If one thinks the picture above is of a real railway station, then he or she should not be blamed. It’s just an exact replica of an actual rail station only small in size… just big enough for a toy train. There was a ticket counter. We paid 50 Rs/- for each ticket and waited for the train.

The railway track encircles the hill in 360 degree angle and we really had some fascinating views of the Vizag city.

We enjoyed the twenty-minute ride like a child.

It was almost evening. Sunlight was fading away and the entire Vizag city was lit up with street lights… and looked gorgeous.

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