One Month Journey of Toursnfoods

Toursnfoods-the travel experience diary of some unknown travelers take off one month earlier. In the past one month, we have shared our personal travel experiences of some known and unknown places. During this one month, we have gained a lot of friends who have encouraged and supported us in numerous ways. We thank all of them from the bottom of our heart.

Our journey is started just now and there are miles ahead of us. Here is a short recap of our past four weeks experiences:

Dooars Tour

This is one of our very first experience sharing. We have covered some common and some uncommon places in that tour.


The most famous experience was the Chilapata forest safari. Chilapata is not only the widest and dense forest of Dooars, but it is the elephant corridor between Jaldapara national park and Buxa Tiger reserve. Read here about our Chilapata Safari


Next famous spot we have covered is Suntalekhola. This is calm and quite place beside a local stream. Read our experience here.


The story of two rivers which we have shared in our Dooars tour is Jaldhaka-the famous river known for producing electricity and Jayanti- the river famous for its natural beauty. Read the experience of Jaldhaka Here and Jayanti here.

 Silk Route



In the past month, we have shared our experience of two places of North Bengal which falls under the famous Silk Route. The first place is Sillery Gaon- A small local village seems to rise up from a fairytale land. Read Here. And the second place is the beautiful lonely river Reshikhola. Read our experience here.

Bhutan Monasteries


Next two top tours are to two monasteries of Bhutan.  The first one was the tour to Taktsang Monastery – the place where Guru Rinpoche first flew on the back of his tigress from Tibet. Read the story here in details.

The next tour was to two of Bhutan’s other famous Monasteries Tango and Cheri Monasteries. The complete story is here.

Forts and Palaces

We have shared the story of our experiences of traveling some of the famous forts and palaces of India.


First famous fort, the story of which we have shared is Rao Jodha’s home ground Meherangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The detailed story is here.


Next time, we have visited the palace of Rajsthan that is known as the place of the queens. Famous for its unique structure and architecture that palace is HawaMahal. The detailed story is here.


Next we shared our experience of the famous Portuguese fort of Goa, Aguada Fort. Truly, it is the signature left by the Portuguese in India. The story is here.


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