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Last Christmas I was super excited. At last, after a long time I get my long-waited holiday. For me, holiday is not my weekly day-off; it is something more. It must be a day when I can spend time as I loved to; it may be that I will spend time with myself; roam around the places I wish to; eat foods that I like most or read some of my favorite books or might sleep for long hours (it is such a luxury now with such busy schedules). And after a prolonged period I get that chance on last Christmas. Being a travel blogger, I often write about distant places from my home town where I spend my vacations and missed many good spots of my home town Kolkata. So, on Christmas I had roam around the city of joy in search of some good clicks. And here are some of my choices.

Christmas decoraton at Acropolis mall

First I went to one of the newborn shopping malls of Kolkata- Acropolis Shopping Mall, Rajdanga. I went there at around 5PM. From outside, the mall was stunningly beautiful with lots of lights and beautiful Christmas decoration.

Christmas decoraton at Acropolis mall

Next I noticed was the Christmas crowd. People from Kolkata and also outside came there to celebrate Christmas in a special way. The people dressed well, mostly in western style.

Inside the Mall, at the center of the ground floor, there was a large Christmas tree decorated with lots of ball, bells, gift boxes, snowflakes. Beneath the tree, there was one badger and one stag.


Major part of the crowd gathered around this decoration, however, the fact that astonished me was that nobody bothered to look at the decoration or try to admire it. People were busy taking selfy or groupy. I whispered to myself…welcome to the era of smartphone.




The shops all around were stunningly decorated and were offering attractive discounts to celebrate Christmas and New Year. However, in spite of all there try they were unable to attract any of the Christmas crowd to them.


The only shop that got some customers was the shoppers stop. Here are some of my snaps.

IMG_3480 IMG_3485 IMG_3488

The food court on the top floor was packed up. At last, I heard some chattering sound and saw people enjoying their food and drink.


Then I came out of the Mall spending an hour inside it and thought that after all, social media is making us unsocial. We were very busy taking snaps and sharing them on our social profile to display how social we are and in the meantime forget to admire the beauty of our surroundings, talk to our friends and wish them verbally. Though, all the time this digital wishing is not bad. Now, we can greet our friends who are far away from us and that are a blessing of internet. However, the curse of it is we forget the physical presence of closer ones. And like everything, we have to bear both the blessing and curse of it, this is life.

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