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Pep Up Your Taste Buds With 5 Yummy Dishes Of Jaipur

Dip your taste buds in spices and relax you senses with a mix of “khatta – meetha” next time in Jaipur. As the city speaks of royalness and grandeur in its ages old palaces and havelis, it also relates to the royal tastes which are much appreciated by its travellers. As you are here, indulge your taste buds in some of the royal spices of Rajasthan with world famous cuisine like laal maas, ghewar and daal bati churma. Cooked in slow flames for hours, with each ingredient added with much thought, the cuisines of Jaipur are something which is there to be relished and not just eaten….


Bhuna Kukda: Now that’s the name which speaks of spics in the name itself. Chicken marinated in savoury mix of red chillies, Rajasthan spices and lots of butter, this dish calls for lots of space in the stomach, Cooked in low flame till soft and garnished with fresh coriander leaves, it’s one of the yummiest dishes around.


Kairi Curry with Khoba Roba: Kairi basically means mangoes which have not yet fully riped. These mangoes when carefully cooked give sweet n sour taste which is wuite different from the usual ones. Cooked in sugar paste, it is generally teamed with traditional Rajasthan “khoba roti” . Dipped in sauce , topped up with coriander leaves, its best when taken hot.


Safed Maas: While most of the places in Jaipur city speak of Laal maas, there is something else which you ought not to leave. It’s called Bhuna Maas or safed maas which is a speciality of Jipuri royals. Small pieces of chicken simmered in yummy concotation of Rajasthan spices mixed up with lots of cream, milk, curd and cashews – it makes up for a heartful fullfilling lunch or dinner . The platter can be perfectioned with butter naan or garlic naan and Indian raita or yoghurt to get the best taste.


Aamras ki Khadhi: They say there are more than 100 dishes which can be dished out of Indian mangoes. So, here comes another mango dish. Mango puree blended perfectly in buttermilk and besan with good amount of boondi, red chillies which can be seen topping the bowl and lots of coriander leaves. It’s a pure Khatta Meetha typica rajathani taste whcih makes up for the taste buds even you so not feel like eating anything. Topple it up with typical Indian Jeera rice or biryani and enjoy the mouth-watering taste as it melts in!


Ghewar: One simply cannot go back without having a moutful of Ghewar. It is a dish which is a must in all Rajasthan festivals. Very sweet made out of pure ghee, flour, milk and sugar syrup; its a must try when you are here.

Its not that Jaipur is known only for its non – vegetarian dishes. Some of most famous vegetarian dishes include mirchi vada (stuffed potato masala with lots of green peppers), gatte ki sabzi (besan pieces cooked in spicy gravy), pappad ki sabzi (pappad dipped in thiny spicy curry), and pyazz or onion kachori, aloo nazakat (boiled potatoes spices up with hot Rajasthan spices) and so on. Just go through the menu and you shall find several of them. However, the above listed ones are something which should be tried at least ones – maybe on one – to – one basis.

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  • Man, that looks delicious and I love Indian dishes. I may have to hop into a restaurant to enjoy some spicy food.


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