West Bengal

Pictorial Tour of Darjeeling Zoo

A visit to the zoo is a common affair is almost all notable cities throughout the world. But it is a bit odd in a place where we had gone to see mountain ranges, monastery and tea gardens and above all lust for a joy ride in one of the most famous toy train routes in India. Yes, here in this article we will share some pictures of our visit to the Darjeeling Zoo.


Here are the colorful Macaws greeting us gracefully.


The Cheetah is resting after his breakfast. Is he saying “how dare you disturb my day dreaming”?


The Red Panda saw something interesting and is about to go there.


Interest subsided, let’s relax now.


And here is the photographer, in front of his subject.

All the images, except the last one are clicked by our friend Santau Sen.

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