Picture Perfect Destinations for a Memorable Wedding

Before worrying about wedding catering, packages for travel should be on your mind first. This is because you want to really remember your wedding and the best way to do that is to have a breath-taking venue. Why settle on local places that you can always visit? You want the visual memory of your celebration to be just like the wedding itself: once in a lifetime. With that said, here are the best destinations to have your wedding.



When you visit the amazing Indonesia, you will be blown away by the country’s bio diversity which has been hailed as the world’s 2nd best. It’s not hard to see why because of its 17,508 islands that have a countless array of beautiful locations within them. With beautiful locations come beautiful wedding venues that are picture-friendly and rich in culture. These range from historic temples covered in lush greenery to mesmerizing terraced rice fields.


Although the Seychelles Islands are known as islands, these are actually peaks of a huge underwater plateau. This means that these are ecosystems made of spectacular coral reefs, untouched jungles, and perfect beaches. It is this gorgeous combination that makes the Seychelles Islands a natural masterpiece. On the inner islands of the archipelago are many five star hotels that offer everything you would need to plan the most memorable tropical wedding.



Boasting of wondrous mountains, natural glaciers, breathtaking rivers, and stunning waterfalls, Norway in Northern Europe is the perfect place to hold a winter wedding. The regular everyday setting here provides the perfect backdrop to remember your wedding; snow-covered hills visible from lakeside villas where you and your guests can also enjoy calm sunsets. The wedding itself doesn’t need to be spectacular because of how visually pleasing Norway naturally is.

Norway is also one of the few countries that allow for same sex marriage, making it the perfect place to celebrate love without judgment from the close-minded.


 Being the most popular destination in this list because of how close it is to North America, Hawaii is ready to accommodate any couple. This is because it has 6 islands with a wide range of natural attractions. Soothing waterfalls, authentic rainforest, movie-esque sunsets, and playful beaches all contribute to the perfect tropical experience that will be memorable for any wedding guest that attends a celebration here. If you choose to have yourspecial day in Hawaii, then prepare to let the beauty of nature shine light on your love for your fiancé.



Some of the most famous wonders of the world can be found in Chile. Take Andes for one; it is the longest chain of mountains in the world. It also has the driest desert in the world: The Atacama Desert. With such a variety of destinations within itself, Chile offers endless possibilities for you to celebrate your wedding. With a long list of hotels, resorts, luxury lodges, and wedding venues all over the country, any scenery that you choose can be the setting of your wedding. This is made even more attractive to couples when they find out that it is also the country that exports the most wine in the world.

Key Takeaway

 This list of wedding destinations all boast of such natural beauty that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. All are unique and offer a different experience that will forever be etched in you and your love’s memories.

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