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Enjoy These Portuguese Food Specialties

Portugal is a country with a very rich culture and an incredible history. One that currently is one of the favorite destinations of European tourists, filled with options for every taste. From sunbathing in one of its beautiful beaches, to exploring the natural rails the country offers, to visiting charming monuments with great stories and pieces of art, or even to getting the chance of trying some of the delights, Portuguese cuisine offers.

I think you’re already convinced that Portugal has a lot of good stuff, but one of the greatest is the variety of typical dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. In this article, I will tell you more about some of these gastronomic delights that Portugal has to offer. However, if you are thinking about flying to Portugal soon, taking into account the current state of the world, because of the pandemic, it’s essential to have the most possible care in public transportation, in this case, avoiding public airports. For that, chartering a private jet is probably your bets option, so click here for the best companies around. Always follow the recommended advice from health professionals. So, without further delays, let’s dig in!


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The masterpiece of sandwiches, francesinha is a typical dish from Porto, in the north of Portugal. This sandwich is made with different types of meat, mainly steak, ham, and “linguiça” – a type of fresh sausage. Then, it’s covered with cheese and put in the oven to melt it and toast the buns. At last, it comes with a fried egg on top and with the special francesinha sauce poured all over it. This secret sauce is what makes this dish so special, where each restaurant has its way to make it unique.

The name Francesinha means “little French girl”, and the legend says that this recipe was brought by an immigrant returning from France. This is a regular on the list of the best international sandwiches, and a dish you can’t miss the next time you visit Porto.


A country that created a lot of dishes around a specific product – Fish, and sardinhas, that means sardines, is a dish as typical in Portugal as it is delicious. Most of the time, or at least as a favorite, this dish is served grilled and a popular treat in two of the most famous festivities in Portugal – São Jãao in Porto, and Santo António in Lisbon. These are entirely grilled and usually only seasoned with salt, and there’s nothing better to go along with sardines than a salad of roasted green peppers with onion, tempered with vinegar, salt, and olive oil. Sardines are a fish dish that most restaurants offer and a real treat in the Portuguese gastronomy.

Caldo Verde

Probably the most popular soup in the whole country, this delight is typical from the north of Portugal and perfect on a winter day. Caldo Verde, meaning green broth, just like the name says, has in fact a green color, since the base of this soup is dark green cabbage. Most of the time, this dish also contains slices of chorizo, and it’s served with a few drops of olive oil on top. A real delicious soup to be eaten with a slice of bread – trust me, there’s nothing more heartwarming than this dish.


Like it was mentioned before, Portugal’s gastronomy is filled with fish dishes, and there’s no fish more popular there than bacalhau – codfish. No restaurant is completed without at least a codfish dish. It’s incredible how many uses of codfish there are, you could eat it every day for a year and still not repeat a single one, either is fried, roasted, boiled, or even grilled, there’s no wrong way of doing this fish. It explores rich and unique flavors, and besides the main dishes, there are a lot of treats made from codfish. This is a true delight that everyone should try at least once.

Pastel De Nata

Going down the dessert lane, Portugal is a country full of sweets and for those with a sweet tooth, it might be hard to resist. Pastel de nata is probably one of the most popular treats, and it’s fundamentally an egg custard tart. It’s made with egg yolks, sugar, and cream. This sweet represents Portugal all around the world and its part of the convent pastries, known for being created and made in convents in the 19th century. The perfect pair to a cup of coffee, but we can’t guarantee one is going to be enough.

In Conclusion

A country full of history and delicious delights, Portugal is essential on your travel bucket list and you might not want to leave anymore after tasting its traditional food. Enjoy the beautiful landscaping while tasting amazing local ingredients, and don’t worry about getting a full belly, because the great selection of wines will help everything go smooth. In the end, I’m sure some port wine will make you fall in love with this country. If you don’t know what destination to take next, I think the choice is right here. Happy travelings!

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  • Jeff

    I am not sure what you mean by dark green cabbage but the only vegetables I have ever seen used to make caldo verde are kale or collard greens.


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