Ramkrishna Beach of Vizag- An idle morning

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I took this picture from the window of my hotel at Vizag. The hill in the distance has definitely got a shape like a dolphin and this place is famously known as “Dolphin Nose”. This iconic view tells that you are in the Vizag city.



Our hotel was in a beautiful position right on the Ramkrishna Beach, the most popular beach of Vizag. I remember the previous night when I was sitting in front of my window and watching a ship entering the port city of Vizag. The entire port was beautifully lit and the slow movement of the ship into the port was a sight to watch.

Exploring  a new place in the morning is my childhood habit. My uncle and my wife accompanied me. We went to the beach.

The beach was not as clean as Rushikonda beach and also not  recommended for swimming.

The pavement along the beach is just what you need for a good “morning walk”.




As the time passed we found more visitors to the beach.

There were various activities. A group of children  were playing on the beach. Some tourists like us were  enjoying the sea breeze. A few local residents were sleeping on the bench.

We tried to take some creative pictures.

The previous day was the last day of  four-day-long “Durga Puja”. The idols of Devi Durga have been immersed in the sea as per ritual. The structure of such an idol made of wood and bamboo came back to the sea shore.

I found a middle-aged lady carrying such a structure. Maybe she was planning to use it for some household purpose!

The image was such communicative.  The concept of deity, it’s eternal form, the power of womanhood, everything was there.


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    Some fantastic posts and write up on Awesome Vizag by Pritha Dasgupta

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    Thank you Mr. Tapan Mukherjee for liking our write ups and supporting us. Just a little thing- this particular article is written by Amitava Dasgupta.


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