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River Ichamati and Essence of Rural Bengal – Taki, a Weekend Destination for Newly Wed

Married recently? Yes? Well, then you must have an urge to find a secluded place to spend some quality time with your significant other. And oh, what a misery! Our busy urban life is not willing to give us those few special moments. So, what is the solution?  The busy couple who can’t manage a luxurious week-long honeymoon trip can go for a short weekend tour to some isolated, off-track place. One of such places is Taki.


About 80KM from Kolkata, Taki is a small village located on the banks of river Ichamati in Hasnabad. It is the place where you can smell the true essence of rural Bengal. Taki stands by the river Ichamati like an innocent child, out of the chaos and pollution of the town. One more interesting point – from here you can directly view the beauty of Bangladesh. Yes, Bangladesh is on the other side of river Ichamati.

Ichamati River

Taki welcomes people with a picturesque landscape, beauty of river Ichamati – shining like the blade of a sword in glittering sun rays, and with eternal peace and freshness, rare things to catch in a busy city-life. There are lots of resorts and guest houses on the banks of the river, all of them are equally good and luxurious.  The added advantage is you can book the resorts directly from Kolkata.

Resort of Taki

Taki Resort

Though it is true that river Ichamati is an all-time treat for the eyes, but I personally like it at the time of Sunrise or Sunset. It is a mesmerizing experience to see the river at dawn, washed by the first rays of Sun. The two countries rest on each of its banks, still in deep sleep.

Ichamati River

Ichamati River

Ichamati River

Ichamati River

As the day progress, after having the morning tea from a roadside tea stall you can enjoy a boat ride on Ichamati. For me, it is a heavenly experience. My husband and I took a boat trip on the river at around 6AM in the morning. The fresh morning breeze, the sweet smell of the water, boats from both India and Bangladesh sailing on the river carrying soils, sands and other products is a pleasure for eyes and mind. But the thing which blew away my mind was the folk song (vatiyali) sang by our boatman. It was so melodious that it instantly took me to a fairy-tale land.

Ichamati River

Ichamati River





Another specialty of Taki is fresh fish. The local Bengali cuisine is a real delicacy for your tongue. The taste of fresh sweet water fish can never be better than this.

At the time of Sunset, you can also take a boat ride on Ichamati.

So, what can I say? A trip to Taki is a memory to cherish.

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