Rushikonda Beach

The combination of sun, sea and sand has always been very dear to me. No wonder, Rushikonda beach of Vizag was at the top of my destination list. In my last post, I have mentioned about the Haritha Beach Resort. If you come out from the resort and take some steps to your right you would reach the place from where the staircase directly takes you to the beach. I Stood there and took a picture of the beach, there you can make out the staircase.

There is a nice restaurant. One can sit there and have a cup of coffee while looking down at the beach. We took the stair to the beach. I felt that I was getting down from a 10-12 storied building…perhaps more than that. Of course, older people may take an auto available right in front of the gate of the resort.

The beach was full of tourists. It was season time. Lot of people from west Bengal was there taking advantage of Durga puja holidays.

The sea waves were not violent; you get a relatively calm Bay of Bengal.

Later just before the evening when we again visited the beach, I took a picture of the resort right from the beach… and it looked so small!!

There was an interesting small extension of the beach which looked like a road directly goes to the sea. It creates a nice geometric pattern. In the picture below pritha, my wife is standing and behind her that extension is visible.

Like other tourists, we went there and took some pictures.

And then the twilight descended on the beach. The luscious light made me click the shutter…once more…

We sat there for long time… enjoyed the cool breeze…

Well, there are some moments which your camera can’t capture.

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