Sea Bridges in India

Have you ever think about your most exciting journey? Those of us, who love to travel a lot, encountered many exciting journeys in our life. Some of us find a boat ride in a local river most exciting, some have found the toy train rides the most thrilling, some have found a trekking route to be the most adventurous. The list is endless. Here is a list of such exciting routes; the sea bridges in India. And who doesn’t know crossing a sea via a sea bridge is an out-of-the-world experience.

Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link

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Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link is the formal name of the Bandra–Worli Sea Link. It is the longest sea bridge of India which joins Bandra with Worli across the Mahim Bay, a section of Arabian Sea. It is a cable hang around bridge on which 8 lanes of traffic rests. The total length of the bridge is 5.6 kilometers.

Indira Gandhi Bridge

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The Pamban Bridge or Indira Gandhi Bridge joins Rameswaram on Pamban Island to rest of Indian mainland across the Palk Strait. It is the second longest sea bridge in India; the total length is about 2.3 km. The Pamban Bridge is the oldest sea bridge in India and designed and created by Indians; a great example of India engineering.

Pamban Road Bridge

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The Pamban Road Bridge runs parallel to the Pamban Rail Bridge and has 2 lanes of traffic road. This bridge is also constructed by the Indians over a hundred years ago is a gem of engineering and the sole surface transport link between the mainland and the island of India.

Vashi Bridge

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Vashi Bridge commonly known as Thane Creek Bridge joins the Mumbai city to the Indian mainland via the Thane Creek. The Vashi Bridge is one of four entrances into the Mumbai city and the first bridge to connect Mumbai to Navi Mumbai.

The Airoli Bridge

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The Airoli Bridge is the second bridge that joins city Mumbai to Navi Mumbai construct across the Thane Creek. Airoli Bridge is 3.8 km long and creates a direct road link between Thane – Belapur road and Eastern Express Highway.

However, the longest sea bridge in India is under construction. The bridge will run between Mumbai named as Mumbai Trans Harbour Link. The length will be 22 km and it will be a freeway grade road bridge across Thane Creek.

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