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You Shouldn’t Have To Fork Out Hundreds On Food In Sydney

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Sydney is known for having amazing cosmopolitan cuisine. However, it’s also known for being a very expensive place to eat out. If you’re a taking trip to this great Australian city and don’t want to spend an astronomical amount on gastronomy, here are some of the best value for money options out there.

Darlinghurst diners

One great place to find a bite to eat on the cheap is Darlinghurst. There are some really quirky eateries here for those wanting a unique dining experience. Those fancying Italian food should try out No Name (yes, the place is actually called No Name), a very VERY rustic restaurant that hasn’t changed much since the 70s, yet offers great hearty food and ample portions. Round the corner, you’ve then got Mr Crackles Carryout that specialises in roast pork sandwiches – a good place to stop for lunch.

Places in Potts Point

Another area of Sydney with some unusual bistros is Potts Point. Dumplings and Beer is a prime example of the eccentricity on offer, an eatery that offers exactly what it says on the tin. In fact, dumplings are somewhat of an obsession in this area, with a couple Asian restaurants nearby also serving dumplings as their speciality.

Asian Cuisine

There are plenty of Asian restaurants in Sydney, many of which are cheap and cheerful. If you’re after some Thai food, you’re certain to find a good Thai restaurant in Norwest. Japanese restaurants meanwhile are everywhere, although you should avoid the high class sushi places. Also have a look around the markets where you’re certain to find everything from Chinese to Vietnamese.

Fish and Chips

You might associate fish and chips as a British dish, but the Aussies do it just as well. Sydney has plenty of fish and chips places to grab some cod and mushy peas. The Traditional Chip Shop in Bondi Junction is a hotspot for anglophiles and backpackers. You can take your food and sit on the beach. Unlike the UK coastlines, you’re guaranteed much more comfortable weather all year round. You can even buy British classic soft drinks here including Scottish pop Irn Brew.  

Burger joints

Avoiding the obvious fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King, there are plenty of burger joints in Sydney that won’t cost you much. One place certainly worth trying is Neil Perry’s Burger Project. Here you get everything you could ever want from a quality burger bar – the chips are hand-cut, thin and still skinned and the milkshake is fantastically frothy (they’re very generous with the ice cream). The best part about it is the price tag, that ought to be something mid-range but is instead alluringly low. Needless to say, there are many other diners across the city for those looking for some fast food with a bit of panache.   

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