Some Best Road Trips in India

There are many natural holiday destinations in India. Some of them are famous hill stations, some are top-class sea beaches, and some are evergreen national parks, some lush green forests which attract tourists throughout the year from every corner of the world. In our blog, we have mentioned many such holiday spots and now, it is the time to take a break from the main spots, instead of it, let us focus on the journey. Here are some famous road trips which can be enjoyed in India.

Mumbai to Goa

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Have you watched the movie Dil Chahta Hai? This particular route was spectacularly displayed in that movie. The road trip needs no introduction. It is a pleasure to drive through the National Highway 17 and this stunning route has many eateries to give your tongue a special treat en route to the beach capital of India – Goa.

The distance is 604 kilometres

Bengaluru to Nandi Hills

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The route starts from India’s Silicon Valley and ends to the serene hills.

It is a route mostly enjoyed by the people who love to capture natural beauty through a camera. However, one has to leave the comfort of Bengaluru stay early to capture the sunrise in Nandi Hills. There are also plenty of things for adventure lovers within the region starting from paragliding to trekking.

The distance is 47 kilometres

Old Silk Route

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The ancient mountain-road is used to connect Lhasa in Tibet via the Jelep La Pass to India for silk trading from Tibet to the other parts of the world. It is a place where you can relish the rare convergence of natural beauty and history of human civilization. The natural beauty will bring you back to the place again and again.

Puri to Konark Route

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If you are considering the route Puri to Bhuwaneshwar as a simple one then you are making a big mistake. It offers heavenly beauty which is like dream come true for a traveler. This road moves by the sides of the sea coast and through the forest.

Delhi to Rishikesh

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The distance is 230km

Here you can learn and explore the appealing beauty of India’s adventure capital. Rocky terrains, thought-provoking passes and stunning sights all through the trip never let you feel bored for a moment in the trip.

Delhi to Dehradun

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This 240km fascinating road trip from Delhi is one of the best trips as it covers the magical beauty of the Garhwal region, a fun-filled, adventure-packed and enthralling trip that attracts tourists from earlier days.

Darjeeling – Pelling

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The hilly road encircles the terrains passing through the picturesque hills and mountains of Darjeeling leads to Pelling, a famous town in Sikkim that is 2,150m above the sea level.


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