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Street Food Guide: Best Places to Eat in Sydney

Whether you’re a tourist or a native Sydneyan, you’re in for quite a treat when it comes to the amount and variety of dishes around Australia’s biggest city. A plethora of new restaurants seem to be popping up on quite a frequent basis and you can easily get lost in a ton of interesting national cuisine choices. We’ve explored some of these venues, so you can rest assured that you will find your cup of tea among them.


Vietnamese food is quite a regular thing in Sydney and has been a hit for a long while now. Among the cream of restaurants, specializing in this particular cuisine are the Huong Xua, where we suggest you try tomato, crab and snail noodle soup and Daily Delicious Bakery, famous for their cheap banh mi thit (pork roll filled with pate and pickled vegetables).


Among other interesting Vietnamese restaurants are:

  • Hong Ha
  • Bay Hong
  • Spice Alley – specializing in Malaysian and Chinese food, in addition to Vietnamese
  • Golden Lotus Vegetarian Eatery – which is obviously a perfect choice for any vegan
  • Viet Town


When one thinks “Greek food”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well, gyros, of course! This delicious dish cooked on a vertical rotisserie is a pork, beef, lamb, mutton or chicken delicacy, with French fries, tzatziki sauce, onions and other alternatives, wrapped up into a pita goodness.


Sydney has quite a number of venues that serve Greek food to offer, and these are the most popular ones:

  • EAT GRK – Set up in Beverly Hills, this fast food restaurant offers a large number of interesting ingredients that are always fresh and, above all, tasty when combined.
  • Yiro Yiro Greek Street Food – Yiro Yiro is one of Belmore’s most popular fast food joints. Great taste and quality ingredients are the name of the game for this restaurant.
  • Zeus Street Greek – One of the most relatable things, when it comes to Greece, is their ancient god Zeus. Well, we can say without a doubt that Zeus himself would be quite pleased with both the taste and the price of this Drummoyne-based Greek restaurant.
  • Plateia – If you’re looking for a belly full of gyros, Potts Point’s Palateia is the way to go! Huge portion sizes of quality, tasty food is definitely worth the money you’ll spend.


Japanese food in Sydney is more than permutations to sushi dishes. The Japanese food joints in the nation’s biggest city are that of plenty, offering authentic dishes at great prices and quality. We’d like to recommend Azuma, where you can find the spicy dish of miso ramen – careful though, you might want to get Kirin beer on the side, unless you are fond of and used to eating extremely fiery hot meals. An honorable mention goes to Ryo’s, where the delicacy of umami rich ramen will blow your mind!



Many miles away from the States, you can still get your money’s worth of American food, if you visit Waterman’s lobster. We recommend a lobster hot-dog, where the bun is filled with lobster and served with chili fries on the side. Okay, so this might not be your typical American diner, but wouldn’t you like to try a bit of a spicy taste clash, with a cold Bud to quench your thirst?


We’ve selected more than a couple of interesting places for you to visit in Sydney, you just need to set out to find them. If you are on a tight schedule, make sure you set aside at least a day to go food hunting – trust us, you’ll be surprised with what you find!

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