What Are The Ten Best Fishing Spots Of The World?

The fishing enthusiast people always love to find the new spots that can provide a good fishing time. You can find millions of lakes around the world… But all of them are good for fishing?.. That’s why you should know what are the best fishing spots around the world for having a good fishing time. Whether you love to fly fishing, line fishing, angling or fishing with a kayak, these lakes are separately great for different kind of fishing. So why you will be bored by spending time in the old spots when there are some amazing spots are waiting for you with the beauty of fishing.

If you ever want to take a trip to these places, you may need to bring many fishing equipments. The heaviest thing among them would be the fishing kayak, but it’s amazingly effective as it makes anything accessible on the spot. So if you bring a kayak for fishing, better to pick an inflatable kayak as it foldable and easy to transport. But if you do other kind of conventional fishing that doesn’t need a kayak, then a backpack can carry almost all the things you need to bring on the spot.
So let’s discover what are the best kind of lakes, rivers or sea around the world for fishing. Amazingly, these spots aren’t only great for having a good fishing time, but also the natural attraction of there would surprise you.

Ten Best Fishing Spots Of The World

1)Madeira Island

It has been renowned for catching some big marlins. But as a saltwater fishing spot you need some different & powerful gears.


2)Betty Lake

It’s not only a great place for hiking, but the lake in there would provide some cutthroat trouts end of the day.

3) La Guaira Bank, Venezuela

Have you ever heard about the La Guaira Bank of Venezuela? It’s a wonderful place for catching the billfish. But they aren’t available during all seasons, the March is the good month to catch them.

4)Capless Lake, California

Make a fishing trip in winter, if you love ice fishing. The Capless lake undoubtedly a great destination for ice fishing.

5)Chalk Streams, England

If you wish to have an adventurous fishing time, then go to Chalk Streams. The place would be perfect for fly fishing.

6)Arkansas National Wildlife Refuge

You must fall in love with the natural beauty of there, but you would be amazed to hear that it’s also a great place for fishing.

7)Jerome Lake, Alaska

Many of us should be familiar with this lake as most of the anglers of US may have a trip on there. It has been renowned for salmon and rainbow trout.

8)Christmas Island

Not only great for amazing natural attraction, but also a perfect place for fly fishing of the Hawai

9)Lough Currane, Ireland

In the beginning of spring the place becomes popular for the amazing visibility of numerous Salmon

10)Worden’s Pond, Rhode Island

Although you may know the Rhode Island for its smallest space, but Worden’s Pond is still a popular place for having a long fishing time.

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