The 3 Best Waterfalls to Enjoy During Monsoon

Heavy shower, a lush green hill, the gushing sound of water pouring down the hill isn’t it a deadly combination? The rainy season is knocking at our door. But who don’t know how difficult it is to plan a trip during the monsoon in India? But, India is a country filled with numerous beautiful places; some quite popular worldwide and some are hidden treasures.

Here are three such hidden treasures the true beauty of them can be enjoyed only in the peak monsoon.

Lodh falls – a treasure hidden in Burhaghaugh

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The Lodh Falls, locally popular as Burhaghaugh falls, is a gem falls in Palamu Division of Latehar District, Jharkhand.

The tallest waterfall in Jharkhand is the 21st highest waterfall in India. The falls are to be found on the Burha River middle of the Chota Nagpur Plateau forests.  The amazing fact of Lodh waterfall is several other water streams join it in its course. This can only be visible when you go close to it.


The whopping 143 meters high falls creates a gushing sound that could be audible from a distance of over 10 KM.  This sole fact is enough reason to visit this falls during the peak of the monsoon.

How to reach

Lodh fall is 200km away from Ranchi. From Netarhat, the distance of the waterfall is 70 km. There is frequent bus service from nearby cities like Ambikapur and Daltonganj. By car, it is a 40 km drive from Latehar to Mahuadaner. From Mahuadaner, the distance is 19 km. Lodh waterfalls can be reached by driving straight from shastri chowk and then turning left from the pond at Pandridippa.


The top class hotel near Lodh falls is Hotel Ravisha Continental. It is 313 km away from the waterfall. Another accommodation close to the waterfall is Suryauday Havel at a distance of 227 km from the waterfall.

Nearby Places to visit

One of the interesting places near Lodh falls is the Samkar Talab which is 25 km away from the waterfall. You can have the view of many known and unknown birds and an opulent environment around the lake which is really breathtaking.

You can also visit Saraiya Village at a distance of 40 km to enjoy local food and to shop rich handicrafts.

Bear Shola Falls – The drinking point of bears!

bear shola
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Yes, the name Bear Shola means ‘where bears come to drink water’, so we can easily call it a drinking point of bears. It is to be found in Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu.  To enjoy the waterfalls at its fullest, plan to visit here during monsoon.

How to reach

The waterfalls are 1.5 KM away from the Kodaikanal bus stand and 2 Km away from a pleasing lake. That means you can enjoy two magnificent water points in a single outing.


The Clifton hotels are located on a small hill near the fall. Plan your trip during the monsoons to get the best experience of the falls.

Some other accommodations are Hotel Wood Palace, charge for a person is INR 2100, Aarem Valley Castle; charge for a person is INR 2400, and the luxury accommodation The Carlton. All the hotels have online booking facility.

Kiliyur Waterfalls – a hidden- treasure of the Eastern Ghats

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Located on the Eastern Ghats at the Shervaroyan hill range in Tamil Nadu, Kiliyur Waterfalls offer a magnificent view of a 300 ft. drop.  During the summer, the falls are thin with a little water dripping down but during the monsoon you can enjoy the gushing falls drop down from the hill in a furious mood. Hence, a trip at monsoon will be ideal.

How to reach

The falls is 2.5 km away from the Yercaud Lake. The last 500 m (1,600 ft.) is made up only of a rough and sharp way. It will take nearly 15 minutes to reach the falls by hiking. Though it seems a bit tough but the surrounding nature and the beauty of the final destination will put a soothing balm on all your hiking stress.


The accommodations near Kiliyur Waterfalls are Grange Resort, Yercaud Hotel; room charge: INR 2518, The Green Berry Resort, Yercaud Hotel, Wellington Hill Resort, Yercaud Hotel;  room charge:  INR 1500, Hotel Shevaroys, Yercaud Hotel; room charge:  around INR 3000


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