The Crab Catcher of Sunderbans

Crab Cathers of Sundarban

In the deep of south Bengal, the mangrove infested forest  is known as Sundarbans. Situated in the vast delta of Bay of Bengal and spread across 10,000 Sq. Kilometer, Sundarbans  has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Sundarbans is famous for Royal Bengal Tigers and various species of reptiles. But it is also a livelihood of local people who live in the villages surrounding  Sundarbans. Travelers from every corner of the world come to Sundarbans to enjoy the beauty of unknown flora and fauna.

We came here not only to enjoy these flora and fauna; but also to see the lifestyle. The life here rests in the laps of nature. The local clan here faces hardship in their everyday life. Here is a depiction of such adversity.

The Crab Catchers

Meet the Crab Catchers. They go to the deep forest to catch crabs. Frequently they fall prey to the predators like tigers. Get snake bites. But their existence down below the poverty line does not allow them to change their profession. They keep going. In groups. It looks like an adventure. They sell these crabs in local market only to earn a meager amount of money. Their  struggle for existence is as tough and difficult as their expedition into the forest.

The video clip is extracted from a documentary on Sundarbans, which shows the moments of their journey into the deep forest of Sundarbans.

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