Things to Avoid Brazil as your Holiday Spot


Brazil is now considered as one of the most popular tourist spots of the world. All of us want to visit that place but do we know is that place is safe or not as a prime tourist location? Here are some points that you should avoid Brazil as your next holiday destination.

  • Brazilians eat a lot of beef and for that that is the major reason why the Rainforest is disapearing so fast. For beef they need cows and cows have to graze. Hence all the cutting and burning of the rainforest.


  • There’s no proper residence area in Brazil for commoners. Either you have to stay in an expensive resort or end up in the urban version of Mad Max.
  • Brazil adopted a currency policy designed to align the country with the American dollar, still it is an expensive country till date.
  • The scorching sun and constant shower make for the weather condition very humid and sticky. If you are not used to it then it might cause discomfort.


  • Police and politicians are extremely corrupt, accepting bribes in broad daylight is a common thing here. While most, if not all, are corrupt, few are as brazen about it as Brazil.
  • Tourists are often a lucrative target for street muggers and they always look for an easy score. Most of the time the police will not take your attack seriously too.
  • The condition of the streets are not as you expect them. They are literally poor. The common people here suffere day to day existing problem whereas richs getting fatter everyday.


  • Carnival seems to be an interesting event to check in. Howvever, it may seems to you as a noisy affair. If you are looking for a calm and quite holiday time then it is not your cup of tea.
  • Prostitution involving underage children, is common all through Brazil. So to be safe in Brazil, don’t pick up a prostitute no matter how attractive she is or how tempting the offer is.

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