Things to avoid in Singapore

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Singapore- a fine location that attracts travellers for a long time. But like most of the other countries, there are certain things which you must avoid while visiting Singapore. Here are seven such things to remember before visiting Singapore.

Say no to chewing gums

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Singapore is a place where chewing gum is a big no. It is illegal to bring this stuff here or import from outside. They even don’t allow you to enter some places with chewing gum in your mouth. And if you caught red handed then be prepared to face the law.

No cigarettes

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There is some customs law which you need to know about cigarettes before entering Singapore. The customs in Singapore is very strict about bringing of tax-free cigarettes here, regardless of entering via air or sea. It is most likely to pay a fine of $200 per pack of cigarette will be levied onto you.

Insects and Pests

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Don’t forget to use insect repellant while go for a night safari, or jungle trip or zoo. Singapore is a place famous for bad insects or pests that may cause harm to your health. So take the precaution in advance.

Pickpocketing in Singapore

You may find pickpockets in almost every big city. But while visiting Singapore take special care of your pocket in order to avoid pickpockets or you might be ripped off.

The Taxi scam

Taxis of Singapore are famous for ripping off people. So before hire a taxi negotiate the rates properly to avoid unnecessary harassments.

Tiger Airways

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Tiger Airways is a cheap airline operating out of Singapore to regional terminuses in Asia. The fares are really cheap and can be less than $100 for a round trip.

However, it is also true that Tiger Airways is infamous for flight delays, flight cancellations or flight rescheduling. There are maximum numbers of complaints launched against Tiger Airways among the flights operating out of Singapore. The airline can inform you only via e-mail about flight cancellation or rescheduling. So check your mailbox regularly if you purchased a ticket of them.

Beware of Gangs

Here are some tourist spots in Singapore that are infamous for gang’s activities. These are Orchard Towers, Geylang, and Joo Chiat.
Geylang: A place famous for delicious local food, gambling, nightlife, lion dance troops and prostitution. The illegal gambling that operates only at night is most commonly run by gangsters.

Joo Chiat: If you don’t conflict with gangsters in pub then you are mostly safe here.

Orchard Towers: Thai, Vietnam and Phillipines hookers in the pub are notorious for illegal activities.

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