Three Most Unexplored Holiday Destinations of India

We all know that India is a country famous for its culture and traditions. But can you imagine there is equal number of unexplored holiday destinations in India as that of the popular ones? From many years people are on a mission to discover the yet undiscovered places of India. Here are 3 of such places which you can check out to experience a different holiday.

Bob’s Place – Nathukhan, Uttranchal

Location- Ramgarh – Mukteshwar road

Time to reach: 7 hours from Delhi

bob's place

Bob’s place is a holiday destination where you can stay in exclusive cottages with warm and friendly service and exotic homely food. Here each cottage has independent gardens and the rooms are quite large with magnificent views.


Nathuakhan is a distinctive small village in the kumaon region and you will enjoy a walk in this village that has stunning natural views. Those who are searching a peaceful place to relax, Bobs place offer an excellent holiday option for them.

Image Source: euttaranchal, gurgaonsite

Dunagiri Retreat – Dunagiri, Uttranchal

Location- Ahead of Ranikhet and Dwarahat

Time to reach: 8 hours from Delhi

Dunagiri Retreat

It is a place ideal for city dwellers, who are looking for a place to release stress. The silence, the spectacular visuals and the immense spreads of mountain calms your soul. The location of this place is very unique and at the same time it is difficult to find in the mountains- with rolling hues of valleys gliding on your front to the spectacular Himalayas on your back. The rooms are large and orderly; the food is remarkable and the people are friendly.


Image Source: in-bookings.intechhs, wikitravel

The Binsar Retreat – Binsar, Uttranchal

Location- Ahead of Almora in the Binsar forest reserve

Time to reach: 8 hours from Delhi

Binsar Retreat

A holiday at Binsar retreat is basically staying like a local in as natural way as possible. The place it placed deep in the forest and you can get there only after a short climb in a 4WD vehicle. There are newly built cottage where you can stay and the attached tent and the accommodation was very comfortable with great food and pleasing service. The place offers magnificent views of the Himalayas and you can enjoy one of the best sunsets ever with myriad hues of the sky. It’s a remarkable experience to stay at a place so close to nature.

Image Source: thetopcamp

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