Top 10 Foods during Visit Mumbai

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Mumbai- the capital of Maharashtra boasts of a mindboggling variety of food. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, there is a great assortment of different cuisines. On its way to becoming the commercial capital of India from a hamlet primarily known for fishing, Mumbai has come a great way when it comes to culinary pursuit. Moreover, people who migrated to Mumbai from different parts of India in the hope of fulfilling their dreams, have brought with themselves scrumptious gastronomical jewels that have contributed to food diversity here.

If you are planning to visit Mumbai anytime in future, then you should definitely try these local dishes that have won praises from people belonging to almost all walks of life:

Batata Vada:

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It is one of the most famous dishes of Mumbai. You can find street vendors selling it at almost every nook and corner. Batata (Potato) paste is made using boiled potatoes, garlic, ginger, coriander leaves, lime juice and green chillies. This paste is then made into balls and coated with a layer of chickpea flour batter which is then deep fried.

Bhel Puri: Mumbaikars are always ready for a Bhel puri as they step out of their homes in the evening to chill. This is because it is tasty and light on stomach. Preparation method is very simple as green mint chutney and tamarind chutney are mixed with dry ingredients such as chopped onions, tomatoes, boiled potatoes, papdi, bhel etc.

Vada Pav:

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You would have come across this term many a times if you are a Bollywood fan. This is basically a cutlet stuffed in a bun. The cutlet is made somewhat like batata (potato) vada and placed in the pao/ bun which has green chutney and a hot red sauce spread inside it. What is a plus is its easy availability and cheap price.

Chicken Manchurain: You would’ve never listened about something called chicken Manchurian but it sells like hot property in Mumbai. Savour the juicy flavour of cubed battered chicken which is dipped in gravy prepared using soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, green chilli etc. Topped over rice, this is great to beat those hunger pangs and the plus is that you can find this dish anywhere ranging from the most humble roadside vendor to an upscale restaurant.


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You can find sizeable population of Gujaratis residing in Mumbai and that is the reason why their favourite snack Dhokla has gained unmatched popularity here. This vegetarian dish is very simple to make as it is prepared using fermented chickpea batter steamed inside a closed vessel. To enhance its flavour it is topped with green chillis and mustard seeds. When served it is cut into smaller pieces.


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Frankie is a fulfilling snack extremely loved by a busy Mumbaikar who likes to have food on the go. Essentially non-vegetarian, it also comes in vegetarian variety to choose from. A typical Frankie has a naan (refined flour bread) wrapped around scrumptious stuffing of vegetarian or non-vegetarian ingredients.

Kandha Poha: A routine diet of Maharashtra, this light dish is made using chopped kandha (onions) and poha (flaked rice). Also there are green chillies and potatoes mixed and fried together, topped with a little lime juice. And as this dish is tempered with fried mustard seeds, it emits a fresh aroma that is a delight for the foodies.

Pav Bhaji: A hearty meal of Pav Bhaji completes every Mumbaikars’ day. A lot of vegetables such a boiled potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, green pepper, tomatoes etc are mashed together to make Bhaji which is served with 2 buns or pav. The bhaji is topped with big cubes of butter which makes the dish even more delicious.

Patra ni Machhi:

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Fish lovers rate Patra ni Machhi to be extremely luscious and tasty. This is a parsi dish, the main ingredient in which is pomfret. The fish is marinated in chutney of coconut, green chillies, jeera/ cumin, lime juice, mint and coriander leaves and then carefully steamed while being wrapped in a banana leaf. (Before consuming the fish, banana leaf is removed).

Ragda Pattice: Potato pattice crushed with ragda (spice laden soft chickpeas) is another hot favourite of Mumbai residents. When topped with green chutney, tamarind chutney and chopped onions, it becomes even more lip smacking. For the fast paced life of Mumbai this is an ideal snaking option available almost everywhere.

If possible, you should devote one day just to a food walk around Mumbai streets and to your delight, it will definitely be the highlight of your Mumbai tour.

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