Top 3 Places To Visit During The Month Of August

It is said that Indian rainy season is the most beautiful season you can experience anywhere in the world. It is the time when the lush green surrounding of Indian subcontinent feels fresh with the smell of raw wet soil; truly, it is a heavenly experience for all of us. However, outing is a bit difficult during this time in India due to heavy rainfall. Still there are many places which can be easily accessible and can be a treat for your eyes. Here are three such examples:

Agumbe, Karnataka

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Agumbe is a popular trek in South India during the month of August. The mountains and valleys here are dotted with numerous waterfalls which are the main tourist attraction. Also, you can enjoy the ruins of temples from the time of the Hoysala Empire which is worth a visit. There is a gallery located on a high point of the hills to view the sunset. A nice trek is followed by some hot tea. It is only here you will find a Vanilla flavored tea which is just yummy. All in one, a must try during August.

Lahaul – Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

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The Valleys of Lahaul- Spiti are nature’s paradise. It is one of the thinly populated areas and is ideal for a place for some isolation. It also offers a lot of adventure activities such as Skiing, Yak Safari and exciting wildlife trails. There are beautiful monasteries that command a visit alongside some unique shrines that speak of the customs and faith of this region. Hence, Lahaul-Spiti is one of the best places to visit in August in India.

Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

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Mandu is the city of architectural ruins takes on a rustic shade during monsoon and is a delight to explore the domes and minarets. The famous love story of Rani Roopmati and last Sultan of Malwa took place here; the reason behind the courtyard of Roopmati’s pavilion still ring with the romance. It also houses the tomb of Malwa’s second king Hoshang Singh – the country’s first marble monument.

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