Top 4 Places to Visit in Shimla

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Have you ever plan a complete tour? For me, it is a quite tricky task. A complete tour program not only means selecting the main locations, but also involved things to do there. Most of the time, most of us forget to preplan our activities in a particular location. But visiting a place without prior planning can be hazardous or we may miss some important tourist spots as well. Here are top 4 tourist destinations to check out while visiting Shimla.

Christ Church

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Christ Church, a prime tourist attraction in Shimla, is the second oldest Church in India. The Church was designed by Colonel JT Boileau in the year 1844 but was deified after 1857. The famous clock of the Church was contributed by Colonel Dumbleton in the year 1860. The porch was built in the year 1873. The Pipe-Organ of this Church is the biggest in the India and was founded in September 1899. Christ Church is functional even today. English language service is held every Sunday.

Jakhu Temple

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The Jakhu Temple is 2.5 km away from the Christ Church at the Ridge. There is a beautiful track that joins the temple to the church. The temple is located on the Jakhoo Hill, Shimla’s highest peak. You can trek up to the temple and the serenity of the hill will soothe your mind. The 108 feet tall Hanuman statue is visible behind the deodar trees from this point. The trek will take around 20-30 minutes to reach the temple by the path. The main temple building has Lord Hanuman’s foot-prints inscribed on a marble, paintings and sculptures of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram.

The amusing part of the whole journey to the Jakhu Temple is monkeys will accompany you in and around the temple.

The Ridge of Shimla

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The Ridge of Shimla is a big open platform from where you can get a panoramic view of the mountain peaks of Shimla. The snow-covered mountain peaks surrounded by the beautiful nature is a view which worth special mentioning. That is the sole reason why the ridge of Shimla attracts numerous tourists every year.

The Shimla State Museum

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The Shimla State Museum has a massive collection of outstanding paintings, sculptures, coins, handicrafts, photos of not only the state of Himachal Pradesh but also from the outside too. The state museum is one of the prime attractions of the Mall area of Shimla. The museum was built in the colonial edifice style with extensive lawns all around. This museum was established in office in 1974.

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