Top 5 Ice Cream Parlors of Kolkata

What is the hottest item currently while you are out of your home? Any guesses? It is ice cream. Yes, you hear me right. During this hot and humid Indian summer, ice cream is the hot favorite item of every person in India.

Here is the list of top 5 ice cream parlors of Kolkata which you can check out this summer.

India Hobby Centre

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It is the oldest ice cream parlor located in Park Street, Kolkata. From those old days till now it is one of the top favorite ice creams serving den of the city of joy. The black forest sundaes are the most precious delicacy of this restaurant.

The approximate cost for two persons is INR 250.

Mamma Mia

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It is another famous ice cream parlor of Kolkata. This parlor is mainly popular among the young generation for its wide range of varieties in ice cream. Some of the most loved menu here are Ferrero Rocher Sundae, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato Cakes, etc.  Charge for two people is INR 350

Baskin Robins

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Currently, it is the most common ice cream parlor chain in Kolkata. You will found a BR parlor in almost all popular streets here. They offer a wide range of ice creams and also some mouthwatering brownies.  I personally loved their Bavarian chocolate and Coffee flavor ice cream.  You can have some family packs here which are very economical. Charge for two people is INR 250


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Almost all top shopping malls of Kolkata have an outlet of Gelato. Other than the good range these ice creams are fat-free and safe for children. Charge for two people is approximately INR 250

Kwality Swirls

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Like Baskin Robins, this one is also a top favorite ice cream den of Kolkata. People relish their sundaes and other unconventional flavors. The most important thing is you can easily find one outlet anywhere in Kolkata. Charge for two people is approximately INR 250


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