Top 5 Indian Cities for Food Lovers

Are you a food lover? If so, then you must want to visit some places which are popular for special dishes. Yes, I know it is quite natural for the foodies to visit places which not only have many famous tourist spots but also have some cuisines that denote the specialty of the same place. And it is immaterial to say that it gives immense pleasure to the food-lovers to taste that cuisine right from the places where it is originated. Here are some places known and unknown which have the ability to give your taste bud its required thrill.



The Indian capital can also be termed as the food capital of India. Lots of mouthwatering dishes starting from chaats, cholebature to rajma chawal and parathe and specially the Mughlai cuisine, make it an ideal destination for outstanding culinary treat. A good combination of Punjabi dishes and street food, Delhi offers countless goodies. You should not miss the variety of items at Chandni Chawk and Bengali market.

Goa: This popular tourist state offers a rich mixture of tasty food. From the high on Goan Feni -a local drink made from cashew fruit to Goan sausages, Vindaloo, Pao, sorpotel and the famous Goan fish curry. Do not forget to taste the local sweet Bebinca, made from layered pancakes and sweetened coconut milk.

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The cultural capital of the city is also famous for its cuisine. One of the most tasty and popular cuisine worldwide is the Bengali cuisine. These heavenly tasty dishes are the most lucrative food options for people all around the world. The special taste of these dishes comes from the selected spices which are only used in Bengali cuisine. The unforgettable Bengali fish curry, the hilsa and lobsters are the specialty of this city. Adding to these items are the sweets like rasgullas, sandesh and misti doi are what come to your mind on hearing Bengal.

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Wanna have a meal like a king? Travel to Lucknow and an elaborate meal await you. The Lucknowi food is synonymous with that of monarchs, what with the recipes being traditionally made for kings. Jump into the variety of kebabs, ranging from Kakori, Shami, Boti, Patili, Ghutwa and Seekh while visiting Lucknow.

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This city is a paradise for non- vegetarians and visiting this place is like dream come true for them. Spice and flavorare two specialties of the cuisine which is focused on around meat and rice: local biryani and the stew chaakna and Mirchkasalan. Street foods like pakora, kheemesamosa, Tootak are a few specialties from Hyderabad.

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