Top Low-Cost Holiday Destinations in India

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At present, traveling in India is a luxury. Although, I am a travel blogger, but I am telling this because of the high cost involved in traveling now, even inside our country. However, the situation is not always like that. Till date, there are some locations in India which you can travel with a really low budget. Here are some examples.


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The south Indian major tourist destination is also known as the French Riviera of the East because of the French influences in this Union Territory till date. Pondicherry has attractiveness, tranquility, mouthwatering food, outstanding wine, virgin beaches, unrivaled French infrastructure, serene Ashrams and a pleasing and rich culture, all at prices beyond imagination. Staying at the Auroville Ashram will be highly reasonable with minimum accommodation charges and a satisfying Pondicherry experience.


The best way for sightseeing is to hire a two wheeler from the auto shops on Calve or Chetty streets and they will charge Rs.200-400 a day. If you are not a fancy food lover or even South Indian food is not suitable for your taste bud you can take a Rs 20 coupon for an amazingly simple meal in the Ashram mess. The lunch starts at 11 am.

McLeod Ganj

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The beautiful city is on the outskirts of Dharamshala and is popular with travelers who want some out- worldly experiences while traveling. You can reach McLeod Ganja by taking a train to Dharamshala and then by an encircling bus route or a private car. The place offers you some most reasonably priced and outstanding places to stay, amazing eateries and cafes, wonderful museums, temples, and inexpensive guided treks.


A three-night travel package to McLeod Ganj will charge around 7000 in Indian rupee including food and lodging.


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Gokarna is an almost perfect beach town in Karnataka. It is appreciated by Indians as well as foreigners. It is a calm travel location for those who are in search of tranquility, splendor and some good places to worship. There are many cheap guesthouses and home-stays where you can spend days without really nerve-wracking about the expenditure.


Room charges will start from INR 600 and can range up to INR 3000.

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