Top Paradise Destinations for Your Bucket List

Any serious traveler has created a bucket list of destination, which he constantly changes and re-arranges. And while there are specific places that tend to our own taste, some destinations are so amazing they are on everyone’s bucket list. This, of course, includes the greatest tropical islands on Earth.

So, if you want to be considered seriously in the world of travel, these are the top paradise destinations that should certainly make their way onto your bucket list.

Nassau, Bahamas


Once you first lay your eyes on the island of Nassau, sheltered by the magnificent Atlantic, you will realize what the phrase “heaven on Earth” really means. Although, the ports are bustling with cruise ships, and tourists from all across the world, it is hard not to imagine why. Soft, white, yellow, and pink sandy beaches are the ideal spot to relax and party until the break of dawn.

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The lush greenery begins near the shores, but continues well-inland, providing magnificent shade against the scorching sun, but also room for exploration. Tropical gardens, like Ardastra or Versailles, are botanical oases, while the adventurer might seek hidden caves and coves once used by the most notorious pirates in all the seven seas for smuggling and sheltering. And once the hot nights set in, prepare yourself for a real extravaganza of fire, smell, and taste, among the many notorious Nassau beach parties.

Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia


At world’s end, far across the open seas, lies an enchanting, tropical group of islands called Loyalty Islands. Set in the fairy tale domain of New Caledonia, these magnificent islands will allow you to experience a getaway vacation of your life. The secluded islands of Maré, Lifou and Ouvéa, just 100km from the main Grande Terre island, make up this divine archipelago.

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Because they are yet to be cultivated by tourists, the islands have retained their natural beauty, easy way of life, while New Caledonia packages provide something for everyone. Relaxing on bush-fringed beaches with pearly white sand, revealing hidden coves and secret caves, with the azure-blue waters always just a few steps away. Getting around the islands is breeze, and the roads are not only surrounded by stunning vistas, but are a dream to drive on.



Tucked away in the Indian Ocean, is a tropical oasis archipelago like no other, and the mother of all tropical paradise destination clichés – the Maldives. Although, you have heard each attribute associated with these astonishing set of over 1,200 islands almost as many times, they are all true. Rarely is there a place on earth where your hotel is just a few steps away from the water, and if you like, you can jump into the clear blue liquid as soon as you wake up.

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Snorkeling is something you cannot miss when you arrive to this place. The entire archipelago is surrounded by coral reefs, hiding the multitude of technicolor fish, and cute friendly dolphins. Of course, the island is a lush palm forest, but is an adventure on its own, with stunning wildlife, and numerous entertainment during the warm Equatorial nights.

Hawaii, Hawaii

Created from all the combined elements, raising from the Pacific is Hawaii’s main island, rightfully dubbed the Big Island. From snow-capped peaks to cauldrons of fire, this island is dominated by the natural forces, and provides the greatest array of natural wealth in the world. You will be amazed by the some of the world’s most active volcanoes, or cooled by the soothing waterfalls, like Akaka and Kahuna Falls.

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But what drives tourists in their thousands, are the tropical beaches. Coconut fringed, flower bathed beaches offer some the most unique sight – pitch-black beaches. Punaluu is one such beach that creates stunning sunsets that brush against the clear blue waters. With stunning cocktails, and food to match, enjoying yourself on the beach watching the distant horizon will make you forget that a world outside the island exists.

Top travelers only deserve the top destinations, and if you are one such enthusiast, make sure to make these tropical paradise destinations reach the top of your list. Pack your bags, and make these dream destinations a reality. Bon voyage!

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