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Two Calm and Quiet Hamlets in the Lap of a Green Mountain

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Monsoon is almost over in India, fall-winter is approaching and everybody here in the country is planning for a great holiday tour to celebrate the ideal season of traveling. In India, there are numerous tourist spots known and unknown, waiting to welcome tourists from different parts of the world; I guess, you are now considering me as a repetitive person because I have mentioned this line several times in my other articles but it is such a truth that I can’t ignore it by any means. Let’s come to the point again. In India, we consider fall and winter as the ideal season for tour because the humid weather here prevent us from traveling to many locations during the other seasons of the year. Now here, I will tell you about some places in northern India which are not so popular but have stunning beauty that can cast a spell on any people as soon as they enter these places. The places are Lava and Loleygaon in Darjeeling district near Kalimpong in West Bengal.

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In any fairytale, you have read about some quiet little villages on the mountain, surrounded by forests with picturesque view- Lava and Loleygaon are two little hamlets which are the replica of the fairytale lands I mentioned just now. These are the small villages surrounded by the dense green forests of the Himalayan region where you can enjoy serenity. Lava is at a higher altitude of 7,700ft while Loleygaon is at a lower altitude of 5,500ft. The village Loleygaon is also known as Kaffer village.

Since these two villages are close to each other you can travel to both of them in a day and then return to Kalimpong. However, if you are a nature lover, (me too), then you will surely enjoy one or two days stay here.

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Lava is about one and a half hour drive from Kalimpong and Loleygaon takes 2.5 hours to reach from Kalimpong. The most common and well-maintained   road that takes you to Lava or Loleygaon from Kalimpong is the Rishi road. Throughout the distance you will enjoy the great Himalayn green forests and mountains.  The journey itself is a treat for the eyes.

There is also a short route that can also take you to these Hilly hamlets and this road is Relli road. But the condition of this road is not as good as the Rishi road. You can encounter several bumps, common to a not-so-well-maintained hilly route. If you are alright with those bumps then taking this road has an added advantage. We took this road and have an awesome experience to cherish for a long time. On the way to Lava, the road crossed Relli River which is as beautiful as its surroundings. The dancing little river will refresh you with its stunning beauty. The banks of this river are a common picnic spot.

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The village Loleygaon is a quiet place and can release your urban stress with its peacefulness. You can enjoy great views of Kanchenjunga from this place. The place is surrounded by dhupi and cypress forests and a morning walk through these forests are an engaging task. At the center of the village there is a smooth land opposite to the Eco-Park, where there are some small tea stalls and shops.

Lava is a small quiet village known for its natural beauty. Lava is the gateway for the famous Neora Valley National Park and surrounded by dense forest of coniferous trees. A visit to the national park is filled with excitement where you can enjoy outlandish flora and fauna.

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In Lava the most popular stay is the forest lodge of WBFDC, while in Loleygaon there are several private hotels and small resorts.

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