Two Movies, Two Different Travel Stories

Travel- it is an activity that brings different feelings to different people. Most of us consider this as a key means to spend a long or short holiday, some of us consider this as a lucrative career option, but there are few people who consider think that it is the cause of their living-those people are passionate travellers. From ancient period, since man has learned to tell or write stories, we have heard or read numerous stories on travel. It is a topic that attracts all famous writers of past and present. And with the invention of motion pictures, we have seen several movies telling stories of different travellers of real life or from the fictions. Here are two such movies that define two different tours of two different sets of travellers.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

If you are an Indian young man who loves to travel with friends during holidays then this is the ideal movie for you. It is also the movie from the recent past which takes road trips to a new height. The movie tells the story of three friends who were on their way to a three-week long bachelor road trip. You can view some of the most famous adventure trips in this movie, some of the most fun-filled activities which you can expect during a tour and above all, you can see La Tomatina Festival of Spain in this movie.


La Tomatina Festival
Sea Diving from the film
Real life Sea Diving
Sky Diving from the film
Real Life Sky Diving
Bull run from the film

In this movie three school friends Kabir, Arjun and Imraan went to Spain for a three-week long bachelor road trip. They had agreed to take part in some adventure sports chosen by each of them which all of them would try together. First they went to Costa Brava and here Kabir chose deep sea diving. The aqua phobic Arjun receives assistance from Laila and at the end enjoys the adventure thoroughly. From there they went to join La Tomatina Festival upon Laila’s request. Next they went to Seville for sky diving, a choice of Arjun. This time an acrophobic Imraan joined the adventure and ultimately overcame his fear. Next they went to Pamplona to take part in Bull Run and the entire road trip changed the life of the trio.

So, if you are young and energetic who have a great friend circle then this movie can be a total inspiration for you.

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Mr. and Mrs. Iyer

If you are a story lover then you must read numerous love stories where love blossoms between two people while they are travelling together. The base line of this movie follows the same track but with lots of unexpected twists.

If you are a story lover then you must read numerous stories where love blossoms between two people during a trip together. The bottom line of this film is same as above but with some surprising twists. A young South Indian Brahmin woman, Meenakshi Iyer, played by Konkona Sen, joins a Muslim wildlife photographer Raja Chowdhury played by Rahul Bose, on a bus trip while she was on her way back to her husband’s residence from her parent’s home. They were introduced with each other by a common friend just before the journey. In the middle of their journey a group of Hindu extremists aboard the bus and here Meenakshi saved the life of Raja by introducing him as Mr. Iyer, her husband. During the next part of their journey they came close to each other and find emotional refuge in each other.

Now it’s your turn to decide where to go next to relive life while watching these movies once again.

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