An Unexplored Valley of Kashmir, India- Beautiful Gurez

Gurez is one of the top beautiful valleys of India. It is situated in northern Kashmir. The distance of this valley from Srinagar is 135Km.

Located in the high Himalayas at a height of 8000 feet from sea level, the valley is surrounded by snow-covered mountain peaks. Most famous peak of Gurez valley is Habba Khatoon. It is named after the famous poet Habba Khatoon of Kashmir.

The valley is famous for its uncommon wildlife. Among which Himalayan Brown bear and snow leopard are most famous.

What to see:

Gurz Valley
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The beautiful river Kishanganga is flowing through this valley. Dawar is the central township in this area. It is scattered among 15 villages.

About 22 Km from Dawar, there is a beautiful village- Tulael. The village has log wood houses from where you can enjoy the beauty of snow capped mountains and pine and fir trees.

About 4km from Dawar, there is Habba Khatoon Waterfalls. Another beautiful location.

About 7Km from Dawar, there is beautiful Chorwan village. Regular tourist can go upto this location.

Where to stay:  

At Dawar you can stay at:

Tourist Rest House.

Room Fare: INR 1000 for double bed rooms and INR 1500 for Double bed cottages.

Things to Remember:

Gurez is located near the Indo-Pak border area. You have to take permit from Bandipora DC office prior to your visit. You will need your voter card, passport size photograph to get this permit. Keep multiple Xerox copies of the permit with you. You may have to submit the same in different military check points.

Only post paid mobile connections are active in Jammu Kashmir.

Carry sufficient cash with you, as ATMs may not work properly.


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